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2020 Top Off-Road Bumpers Brand For The Ford Raptor

2020 Top Off-Road Bumpers Brand For The Ford Raptor


Have a Ford Raptor? Looking for a new bumper? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’ve prepared a list of the top sellers in aftermarket bumpers. As with any decision you’re bound to make in life, it’s best to have the facts straight and to know that you have everything at your disposal in order to make that choice. With this list, you certainly do.


Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter

Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter

This is the bumper you’re likely to see if you’re scanning Instagram for the coolest truck parts. Addictive Desert Designs has a tendency to put out high-quality products to suit your heavy-duty accessory needs.

ADD off-road bumpers  are constantly in demand and with good reason! The Stealth Fighter Bumper adds only a ½” distance further than the grill. This is one of the most aggressive front bumper designs on the market.


Addictive Desert Designs HoneyBadger

Addictive Desert Designs HoneyBadger

An ADD classic, the Honey Badger Bumper is one of BumperOnly’s best-sellers in addition to being a top contender in the overall market. It’s made with a 1/8” steel plating and also includes 1/8” aluminum skid plates and panels that can be removed if you so choose. And a universal light bar at the top of the bumper allows for numerous lighting combination possibilities.

The Honey Badger is perfect if you’re looking for a part that still directs and maintains airflow to your intercooler. The design takes into consideration this need and incorporates an integrated scoop located behind the skid plate.


Fab Fours Vengeance

Fab Fours Vengeance

This bumper uses premium steel to complete its lightweight design. The cutouts are lower to maximize airflow and it maintains a high and tight fit. If you’re interested in lighting customization, the Vengeance Front Bumper has a center cutout to fit a 20” light bar as well as the ability to mount Rigid Industries’ Dually lights on either side.

With a few simple adjustments, this bumper is able to retain Adaptive Cruise Control and Park Assist. It can come without a guard or with a pre-runner guard. The choice is yours!


LEX Offroad Assault

LEX Offroad’s Assault bumper

If your truck is bound to hit the dirt, sand, mud, or whatever terrain that lies just beyond the pavement, LEX Offroad’s Assault bumper is an excellent choice for you. Its high clearance design enables top performance when driving off-road.

The Assault’s style is sure to impress and it doesn’t come at the expense of protection. A CNC laser cut skid plate guarantees that. LEX bumpers  are known for being durable and offer security against whatever obstacles that might get in your way.

With so many options out there, how can you know you’re making the right choice when decking out your Raptor with a new bumper? BumperOnly is here to help. Not only have we narrowed down your options to showcase the best of the best, but our team is also available to help.

We want your truck to look awesome as much as you do. Just get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you get a bumper with the right fit for your vehicle. Once you find the bumper you like the most, be sure to check out this installation guide to see how easy it is to do yourself.

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1152 reviews
Good product

Nice quality. Good product direct fit. Easy install. So far so good. I love the look and the quality seems to be good also.

Just the honest truth.

Overall, I’m happy with the front bumper. Instructions could have been better, or maybe more accurate for the differences between various years.

There’s over cut on the top of the bumper that shows. At the price of the bumper, I find this lack of quality control or workmanship very disappointing.

The mounting for the in bumper lights could have been thought out better. Currently they are a flat plate under the hole which extremely limits light options. This is a bit of a problem since the bumper is made for discontinued lights. Replacing old school design and thinking with modern features (adjustable brackets) would be appreciated, especially at this price point.

Otherwise the bumper wasn’t hard to install. The fit to the truck is good. The bumper was well packed for shipping. Time will tell if the powder coating is as good as they claim. The bumper attracts a lot of attention and people stop and ask about it. I’m as honest with them as this review.

Washington reviewer

Top of the bunch.

Go Rhino, as always, the best way to go. As good as I expected.

Does not fit

Bought this bumper for my 2015 GMC sierra 1500. It arrived damaged and the mounting brackets did not fit the truck. I called and emailed bumperonly to try and get the right brackets but was told they do not make brackets to install this bumper on my truck anymore. After drilling out new holes on the mounting brackets I finally got the bumper on. Im happy with the bumper but not with this website or westin. buy something else from someone else.

We're very sorry to hear about your experience, and want to do everything we can to make things right. The last thing we want is to inconvenience you further, but we take our reviews very seriously. It appears we have issued a credit on this discontinued brackets from mfg and said credit is being processed to be refunded in your account.
If you need more assistance please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you!


Perfect fit, easy install, looks awesome!

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