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  Free Light Bar

Free Nilight 20" Ultra Bright Light Bar

Are you terrified by the big brand’s price? Do you think you will have to spend an extra few hundred dollars more on top of your bumper purchase?

Here is the light bar; we give it for free when you purchase our bumper with the light mount. 

We know you don’t just want to pay the premium price for the “name” on the light bar. After doing some research, we found this ultra-bright light bar that has the most positive reviews and is liked a lot by our buddies at the 4x4 off-road community, and it has a reasonable price that allows us to offer it free when you purchase the bumper from us.

Please let us know if you see some quality or fitment issues, so we are able to adjust our offers for future customers. Enjoy your free gift!

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★ Our Happy Customers

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1194 reviews

Perfect fit for my 2019 F-250! Couldn’t have been happier.

Easy install, great quality and price

Great Product! Get many compliments.

Awesome Quality in Workmanship/Delivery

I work in Nuclear Quality Control and have an eye for spotting sub standard practices in manufacturing to include poor welds. I was impressed with how the bumper was shipped in its protective shipping container, not a scratch. I expected it to be just contained in flimsy cardboard. I looked it over prior to accepting delivery and then looked it over in more detail later on. The welds are all spot on, the connecting seams of the numerous components of the bumper were flawless. Thanks for an outstanding bumper. You guys must have a Quality Assurance Department.

It’s so Cool. Huge Improvement.

I couldn't wait to get this bumper on so I did it myself after I saw the bolts can be attached from the back while balancing the bumper on my trailer hitch. Not sure it that was by design or not- but it worked great, was stable and didn’t scratch my paint.

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