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Check out the craziest way to transform diesel vehicles


You may have heard of truck transformations going from common-looking to badass beasts, but what about the transformations that a motorcycle or even a school bus can go through? We ain’t joking, and Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin, is the place to be to admire some incredible diesel custom builds. The inventor of these remarkable transformations is Walt Moss, owner of Walt Moss Trucking, Inc. His talent is all in being able to visualize something amazing out of anything, and that kind of creativity isn’t easy to find around. How does he do it? He says that he never uses intricate plans to follow but rather works straight from a vision he has in mind.


An impressive trike


You would never think that a trike could look badass but Moss has done a great job at proving otherwise. This diesel motorcycle has easily become one of the most unique ones out there, ready to tackle the road with a twin-turbo 3208 Caterpillar diesel powerplant matched with a six-speed Allison transmission. The rear presents a Dana 80 while the radiator can be found behind the passenger seat that fits two people.

You’ll never guess where the rear canopy comes from… a hood from a Kenworth semi-truck!


Something completely different


For this next one, there is no label that fits it better than ‘Walt Moss’ unique creation’, as it combines a 1954 cab with a 1960s-model sleeper over a custom frame that’s close to kissing the earth with its front and rear air suspension. Despite its looks, this bad boy knows how to get by with a CAT C15 diesel engine, which boasts 1,000 hp and 2,600 lb-ft of torque, backed by a 13-speed transmission.


A school bus like no other


Having a daughter who needed to be transported to prom was a great excuse to get Moss working on his custom version of a school bus. Rescued from a field not far from where he lives, this 1959 bus has been modified with a Peterbilt front clip, its own custom frame, and gets by with a 600-hp Cummins A3 diesel powerplant.


A revamp of the classic road grater



Moss was not ready to say goodbye to his trusty old road grater, which accompanied him for 30 years and already boasted an impressive 81 years of usage under its belt. So he rolled up his sleeves and combined its radiator, hood, and cab to create the ultimate modern road grater. It’s powered by a 3208 CAT out of a commercial snowblower and gets his rear end and suspension from parts of another truck, all combined with the essential blade underneath. It easily puts other road graters to shame!


The custom bike build


Last but not least, this bike is the result of asking ‘what if this chopper had a wider rear tire?’. Moss was ready to experiment and went as big as he could by replacing this bike’s rear tire with a semi-truck tire. Yes, it still works, even though he says that it’s quite a handful to drive.


Inspired to work on your own transformations? Why not start with something that adds extra protection to yourself and your truck. We’ve created the Ultimate Bumper Guide so that you can easily check out the top options available and pick the one that’s best for your vehicle. If you have any questions, you can always contact us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124. 


(Original story published by trucktrend.com - http://www.trucktrend.com/news/walt-moss-crazy-builds-diesel-swaps/ )




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