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If you’re searching for one of the best looking bumper for your truck, look no further. The aggressive design of this Fab Fours Bumper has no rivals. Its plate steel construction is there for more than just looks. This Matrix Front bumper is stout, with a total weight of 175 lbs., ready to accommodate a Winch of up to 12,000 lb. A fantastic bumper option to help you get everything done.

As always, the classic Fab Fours quality that’s made them famous is still there. This Matrix bumper gives you more tire clearance to improve your truck's cornering. While also increasing your truck’s airflow with the lower cutout. To finish, the Fab Fours 2-Stage Black Powder Coat does a great job at preventing corrosion and other damage to its paint.

Now, what about the lights? This bumper loves to accommodate what you need. Its center mount is ready to welcome a single row 30″ light bar. If that's not enough, then feel free to add 4 cube LED lights. Plus, a variety of light options in its side mounting slots and tabs. This bumper also comes with integrated sensor holes and D-ring mounts. Combining style with purpose, this Matrix Front Bumper by Fab Fours is a great option. Perfect to show off an aggressive look while also offering the best protection you can get. 

At BumperOnly, we're passionate about helping people find the right truck accessory. We have selected the very best of American bumper brands and offer them at unbeatable prices. Curious to learn more about the Fab Fours Matrix? Enjoy the personal care of our customer service, ready to help you find what you need and offer support with your order. That’s on top of our fitment guarantee and free shipping!

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