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Sometimes, what you need is a sturdy aluminum bumper to bring your truck together. That’s what the Truck Defender is all about, designed to protect & impress. These exceptional quality accessories come with additional features to fit your needs. From ones that are great for a cargo carrier, to provisions for the transmission cooler ventilation.

The guys at Truck Defender have made of aluminum bumpers their art. They are designed to be affordable yet durable. Crafted from ¼" Marine Grade Aluminum that’s super lightweight. You can expect your bumper to weigh between 100 to 125 pounds, perfect to save your truck from any extra weight! While the fully welded boxed mounting system extends at the front to ensure a strong mount.

You can choose between two styles: the Standard Upright and the Foreman Upright. The first is made with a 2 Post I-Beam Upright construction. While the second is made with a 2 Post Boxed Upright Construction. Both of them are sturdy and great to revamp the look of your truck. At the same time, they are also ready to accommodate your tow hooks and work with your adaptive cruise control. 

At BumperOnly, we're passionate about helping people find the right truck accessory. We have selected the very best of American bumper brands and offer them at unbeatable prices. Once one of these arrives to your home, you’ll be able to install it with no issues. Available as heavy-duty as it needs to be, and with a great badass look. Curious to learn more about the Truck Defender bumper? Enjoy the personal care of our customer service, ready to help you find what you need and offer support with your order. That’s on top of our fitment guarantee and free shipping! 

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