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Calling all die-hard off-roaders! If you’re searching for a bumper born for the off-road, then the   Thunderstruck Bumpers  are for you. They give you a level of protection that leaves you confident that you can drive through anything. Their tough as a rock construction fears nothing! Each one of them has been made from US premium steel. These guys only use the best of materials around, no exceptions.

More than just a great piece of construction, these   Thunderstruck bumpers  are the definition of badass. They look bold and impressive, ready to turn your truck into a beast of the off-road. It’s like an armor for your vehicle. Their   Elite series  is all about strength and durability, ready to accommodate a Winch as needed. While their   Premium bumper  offers better ground clearance.

Looking for even more protection? Then the   Grille guard bumper  is great for you. Its...