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How the right bumper can save your life?

How the right bumper can save your life?


Upgrading to an aftermarket bumper for your truck or jeep can be about far more than simply making your vehicle look more awesome. Don’t get me wrong… that’s one of the best parts about it; still, choosing the right bumper is all about safety and utility and the right choice could make all the difference in keeping you and your family safe on the roads.


Let’s be real about this. Driving is dangerous. Though our society has gotten very comfortable with higher speeds and continued to make cars safer and more reliable over the years, there’s still a great deal hazards to navigate as a driver. In fact, one of the most popular reasons for truck ownership is that they provide more protection to their driver's thanks to a larger frame and being built with stronger materials. Trucks in particular do a great job of protecting drivers from bad weather, potholes and road hazards, and even the scores of irresponsible drivers out there that cause problems.

Even if you’re paying the utmost attention, there is still a chance that disaster could strike and it be no fault of your own.While the bumpers that come with most trucks and jeeps are well equipped to handle the challenge of an accident, an aftermarket bumper affords an added layer of heavy duty protection for your truck or jeep. They can provide greater shock absorption and make a vehicle heavier to handle more damage. The bottom line is that when on the road, a better bumper will keep you better protected against whatever the world throws at you.



 The reason that trucks and jeeps are so beloved is their ability go where regular cars can’t. You aren’t just restricted to the road. Simply turn on the 4 wheel drive and you’re off to literally greener pastures and anywhere else the planet takes you. What an aftermarket bumper does for you in addition to the heavy duty protection from trees, cattle, rocks, fences and more, an aftermarket bumper also comes with the ability to add a variety of lifesaving accessories such as winches and lights.

A truck winch is pretty much a requirement when venturing off into isolated areas. If your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, you can apply a line to a stable tree or rock to help free yourself. It also makes it possible to pull other vehicles free as well as remove trees and shrubs. It’s basically like giving your vehicle a useful robotic arm.

Additional lights can illuminate country roads and add a degree of safety when traveling outside of the boundaries of civilization where there are no light. When off-roading or working out in secluded areas, the additional lights make it possible see and be seen in a variety of conditions. Fog, storms, or anything else nature might throw at you.  
Having the right tools for the job is a big part of choosing an aftermarket bumper. With the variety of accessories at your disposal, you can turn your truck or Jeep into the perfect extension of yourself.

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Perfect fit for my 2019 F-250! Couldn’t have been happier.

Easy install, great quality and price

Great Product! Get many compliments.

Awesome Quality in Workmanship/Delivery

I work in Nuclear Quality Control and have an eye for spotting sub standard practices in manufacturing to include poor welds. I was impressed with how the bumper was shipped in its protective shipping container, not a scratch. I expected it to be just contained in flimsy cardboard. I looked it over prior to accepting delivery and then looked it over in more detail later on. The welds are all spot on, the connecting seams of the numerous components of the bumper were flawless. Thanks for an outstanding bumper. You guys must have a Quality Assurance Department.

It’s so Cool. Huge Improvement.

I couldn't wait to get this bumper on so I did it myself after I saw the bolts can be attached from the back while balancing the bumper on my trailer hitch. Not sure it that was by design or not- but it worked great, was stable and didn’t scratch my paint.

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