Introducing The Road Armor Treck

Introducing The Road Armor Treck -

When you drive a truck as regularly as we do, it's important to be prepared for all situations. Whether you're off on an adventure or have a busy day at work, a few accessories in your truck can truly change the way you do things on the road.


Road Armor has become a favorite brand of many for its American quality and smooth Steel Bumpers. They’ve made Texas proud for the past 20 years and continue to impress with their stylish designs and ultimate protection provided. Now, they’ve decided to go beyond bumpers and are offering some exceptional products that will turn your truck both more badass and highly functional.


Meet The Treck Accessories


Road Armor has finally extended their meticulous eye for detail and high-quality materials beyond just bumpers, launching a series of helpful Truck Accessories named Treck. What does Treck stand for?


TRANSFERRABLE - Enjoy a design that is unique but fits universally. Each accessory was designed from scratch to fit across all trucks with 5’ beds.


RELOCATABLE - Easily access and store safely your spare tire with their patent-pending spare tire relocation system. Lift your tire as needed with no issues thanks to the extra tire lift support.



EXTENSIBLE - Choose between three different platform heights - 14’’, 19’’, 23’’. This design allows you to easily adapt it to your lifestyle.



CUSTOMIZABLE - Change your loadout whenever you want to. Whether you are at work or overlanding, the Treck accessories will accommodate to your needs.



KITTED - Stock up on every element that will make your adventure or day at work more enjoyable and easy to manage.


For the guy who is looking to have it all on the back of his truck, these products are the answer. Road Armor has come up with a solution to all the problems that truck drivers around America have been struggling with for years. What's even better? Each can be adapted to best suit your experience and lifestyle.


A few of the products available

From the little extra nice touches like a stainless steel bottle opener that will impress your mates to the super helpful spare tire relocation system that will save you from the hassle of figuring out where to place your spare tire - there is something for every truck driver out there. Including accessory and light mounts of all sizes, speaker mounts, and a bed rack system.



Other features that customers can enjoy include true American quality (everything offered has been made in the USA, more specifically Texas) and a lifetime guarantee that allows you to enjoy these Treck accessories for many years to come.


Interested in turning your truck into the most badass vehicle around? We can help you find the best solution for your vehicle. Whether you're looking to enhance the look of your truck or improve its protection, our team of experts is always happy to advise you on the best product you can get to satisfy your needs. Contact us today either via live chat or give us a call on 281-404-2124.


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