Newest Aftermarket Truck Bumper Series in 2020

Newest Aftermarket Truck Bumper Series in 2020

Each new year is filled with new promises. 2019 swiftly went by and now here we are, in the year 2020. Most of us have written down some resolutions and goals, probably listing all the things we are looking forward to this year. Travel plans, career goals, plans to try out something new or, maybe, to treat your truck to something special? By any chance, are you waiting for someone to help you create the set up of your dreams?


You can always tell when the year has just ended and a new one has started by all the new products that are being advertised around. The aftermarket industry is surely ready to set the standard pretty high due to the current popularity of aftermarket bumpers. But before we head into what they’ve got on offer for this year, let’s have a recap of the best bumper series of 2019 that every truck enthusiast shouldn’t miss out on.


Iron Cross Hardline Series

Boasting their 30 years of experience in delivering quality parts at an affordable price using modern technology combined with old-fashioned hard work, Iron Cross introduced the Hardline series. Bumpers that present aggressive and cool designs with a low profile look.



Look how good that looks! They use a standard matte black finish and have numerous light options to fit your style. This kind of bumper will hold 6 cube lights as well as Iron Cross’ 40 LED kit which comes with a 5 ½ inch light and a 21 ½ inch light bar. If you already own a light bar or you don’t want to use the Iron Cross’ kit, the bumpers from this series are built to be used with a wide variety of light bars and kits from third party manufacturers.


When creating this line of bumpers, Iron Cross had daily life in mind. So you can still enjoy the convenience of its sensor capability and how the low profile makes parking easy, while also getting that nice and aggressive look.




The Hardline Rear Bumper is also with a matte black finish and is equally rugged because it has all of those attractive features. Plus, it was built with a side step and a backup cube light option which makes a great set when you match it with the front.


Fab Fours Matrix Series

Known as the leader of the aftermarket industry since 2004, focused on invention rather than manufacturing, Fab Fours come up with the perfect winch-ready, slim-fitting front bumper that has a combination of the best features of their Premium and Vengeance Series: the Matrix series. Available in 3 styles: no guard, pre-runner guard, and full grille guard. Make your pick depending on how wild you want your look to be.








Equipped with a center mount to hold a 30 inch light bar, four cubes LED lights and your 12,000 lb. winch. It’s clear that Fab Fours put all the learning and experience into the Matrix. Consumer demands are taken seriously by the whole team. If you have been in a search of a nice looking winch bumper that doesn’t stick out too far, they nailed that on this series. To top it all, the bumpers’ angular design improves tire clearance so that you can squeeze on those off-road tires you have had your eye on.



Lex Offroad Series

The one-stop off-road shop for custom fabrication, bumpers, chase racks or anything cool.  The team at Lex Offroad has more than enough experience and knowledge to build or restyle your vehicle into any specific look you want to go for. If you want to edit the look of your truck in a way that it’ll make it stand out from the crowd while keeping its purpose for your daily needs, they are the ones who can help you out.


Last year, they released a 3-bumper series in a classic Baja Styling that conveniently offers easy bolt installation, which plays a big part in its innovative design.




       Lex Offroad VR1


       Lex Offroad Punisher


Aside from the fact that installing this bumper series is very straightforward, it also has a high clearance design for enhanced functionality during off-road trips. Each of these bumpers is welded by hand by professionals only. They understand the challenges that drivers face amidst rough road expeditions.


The Lex Offroad series offers a powder satin black, a clean finish that gives long-lasting durability and extraordinary resistance to corrosion. A lot of thought went into the creation of these bumpers, making them easy to modify. You can add light bars, driving lights, fog lights, and spotlights so that you can always be ready for your journey either day or night.


Spartan Series

“When the call is made, a Spartan answers”, but they don’t just simply answer. Made with 11 gauge steel, 7-gauge bracketry, and front lighting options, the Spartan series is designed to be lightweight, sensor compatible and with high clearance. Shaped to Road Armor’s standards, it’s a great choice for any additional protection your truck may need.







The Spartan series is a 100% US-manufactured bumper, they both source the steel and build each product in the USA so that you know you are getting a properly well-made and high-quality product for your vehicle. In addition, Road Armor has produced several lines of bumpers that fights rust formation with the use of zinc coating. The Spartan series is specifically made to be a top of the line product, going from the steel they purchase, to who they hire to build it, to the powder coating system that’s put on it.


To the point where other Aftermarket Bumper manufacturers are now trying to reach the level that Road Armor has achieved because of their designs. Their bumpers are the highest quality weld you are going to get in the market, especially considering that it’s 100% welded by hand.


Where are you headed to next? You and your truck should start the year mighty and look just right. Here at BumperOnly, we are committed to providing you the lowest prices around for these series. We have been waiting for you since last year, call or chat with us now. 




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