The 8 Must-Have Truck Accessories

The 8 Must-Have Truck Accessories

Your truck can become more badass with the addition of just 8 truck accessories. Yet, some drivers still take on the off-road without these helpful additions. This risks adding danger to every journey and leaves you unable to do certain things. However, you can still take action today and turn your truck into the ultimate powerhouse.

Here are the 8 accessories you shouldn’t drive without:

1. Winch


If you ever need to carry a heavy load, a winch is your best friend. Whether it’s electric or powered by your truck’s engine, they add more functionality to your truck. From allowing you to load logs to haystacks and any other large item.

Not only that, they also are a godsend in case of emergencies. A winch allows you to haul a whole vehicle out of mud, snow, or any other sticky situation.

2. Tonneau Cover

You need to plan how to protect your cargo. Leaving it open to the elements is only guaranteed to lead to trouble. This type of cover is highly versatile - small enough to be easily removed when needed.

Plus, they’re excellent protection against theft! You can leave any cargo on your truck and be reassured that no one will be able to get close to it.

3. LED Lighting

Lighting is something that should be prioritized more than it usually is. You might think that your factory lighting is good enough but wait until you try LED lighting. It’s the difference between night and day! This is especially important if you often find yourself driving off-road in the dark. A good LED lighting bar can help you see further and better prepare you for potential risks.

Plus, it’s a durable kind of light, that you won’t have to replace for many years to come. Basically, you’re gonna be glad that you invested in one.

4. Front Bumper


What happens if you hit a deer out of nowhere? Or if your truck collides against a tree? From the damage caused to your truck to the damage caused to you, driving without protection can be risky. While your OEM bumper can try to do its best, it’s not going to stop animals and other obstacles from causing damage. Do ya really wanna risk having something scratch your badass truck and possibly hurt you?


That’s when a sturdy aftermarket front bumper can save your pockets and truck from this danger. The whole point of a bumper is to take on the damage instead of your truck. But don’t ya worry, these things are so sturdy that they won’t need to be replaced every time you hit something. You can find a badass bumper that’s so sturdy, it will be able to hit hundreds of deers and still look as new. That’s the beauty of placing your bumper in the hands of the quality of US bumper brands. The guys at Ranch Hand, Iron Cross, or Hammerhead don’t rest until they can offer the kind of bumper you can always trust. Perfectly suited to face all the challenges of the off-road.

Plus, you’re in luck, ‘cause nowadays you can get all kinds of bumpers. Would you love to make your truck look more aggressive? Or maybe add a grille guard to it for extra protection? Or should it be ready to accommodate a winch? Whether you drive a Ford F150 or a Dodge Ram 1500, there is a perfect front bumper waiting for you.

5. Rear Bumper


Of course, you can’t plan where an animal or other danger might hit your truck. One time it might be at the front, another time it might be at the back. Don’t live with the worry that only one part of your truck is protected. That's when aftermarket rear bumpers come into play, and save the day. Just like it is for front bumpers, you can shop for a variety of designs that will accommodate your needs.

6. Bed Liner


Have a look at the truck bed of any old truck and the first thing you’ll notice is how damaged it looks. That’s because the bed is the first thing to degrade in a truck. It’s bound to happen as you drag cargo inside and out! However, you don’t have to just sit and accept the damage.

In fact, a bed liner can save you from any future despair. Keep using your truck as usual without worries by simply protecting your truck bed. These liners are durable and way cheaper to replace than your truck. There are a variety of bed liners available in different styles and designs. You can easily find something that best fits your vehicle.

7. Bug Shield

The more driving you do, the more annoyed you’ll get at bugs & debris ruining your visibility. A bug shield might seem unnecessary. That’s until you find yourself distracted by all the stuff that’s getting collected over your windshield. Stay focused thanks to a simple bug shield, a low-cost addition that makes a significant difference.

8. Truck Bed Organizer


From toolboxes to drawers, buying some accessories that help you organize your truck bed can save you lots of time.


You can find plenty of options to keep all of your tools and essentials in place, even custom ones. For example, trays that slide out of the truck bed are super easy to move around. Or ones that occupy the space behind your wheel wells with as many tools (and beers) as you like.


We hope that this list has inspired you to make some great changes to your truck. From a simple bug shield to different LED lighting, we’re sure that these additions will make a difference. These are the few little steps it takes to transform a truck into the one of your dreams. Plus, if you’re ready to grab some aftermarket bumpers, you know where to go. We offer a huge selection of front and rear bumpers from the best US brands in the market. Get in touch via live chat or by calling us on 1-281-404-2124 to get any advice.

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