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The Best Bumpers for the GMC Sierra


Your GMC Sierra is one of the most powerful trucks around, and as such, it deserves a bumper with the same resilience and strength. Exactly like you wouldn’t match a diamond with a ring made of plastic, your top of the range GMC Sierra should be accompanied by the appropriate top quality bumper. Check out some of our suggestions for bumpers you can get to add extra protection and style to your truck.


  1. Fab Fours Vengeance Series


If you’re looking for front end protection that keeps you safe while staying lightweight, this is the perfect match for your GMC. The Vengeance series by Fab Fours delivers both quality and a strong look, made of 100% US steel and weighing just 65 lbs. One of these bumpers gives you all the tire clearance you need, combined with increased airflow due to the lower cutout. Enjoy an aggressive design that is also highly functional.


  1. ADD Stealth Fighter


Get all the protection you need without the extra bulk with the Stealth Fighter Bumper by ADD. Enjoy a tight fit that perfectly complements your GMC Sierra, with a modern steel design finished with a satin black powder coat. The best part about choosing a bumper by ADD is that you can take advantage of their patented universal light mount system that allows you to mount up to 10 cube lights or a 40" radius light bar.


  1. Hammerhead Low Profile


Low in profile but high in quality, this bumper series by Hammerhead doesn’t shy away from the challenges that both on and Off-road can throw at your GMC Sierra. Made of 3/16" Plate Steel, these bad boys are reinforced for extra strength while staying as light as possible. Enjoy the 0.750″ thick shackle mounts that extend through the bumper and are welded both inside and outside it. This option is especially perfect if you’re looking to add extra protection without changing too much the look of your truck.


  1. Ranch Hand Summit


The Summit series by Ranch Hand gives you all the extra protection you need in a lightweight way, combined with a unique style. Made of a solid diamond-plate steel body, you can enjoy them with a one-piece and frame-mounted bullnose or Grille Guard. These bumpers are so robust and resilient that even ½ ton trucks can use them, but are still a great choice for the GMC Sierra too.


  1. Iron Cross Push Bar


Last but not least, the Iron Cross bumpers with Push Bar are a great alternative if you’re looking for a way out of a jam anytime that might happen. A bumper with a push bar can be a lifesaver in any tricky situations with heavy traffic or potential accidents off-road, especially one that is fully secured and welded in like in the Iron Cross bumpers. Laser-cut and made with exceptional American quality, these bumpers offer superior strength and a stylishly simple design.


Still unsure which bumper is best for your GMC Sierra? Our customer service team is always happy to give out advice to make your decision easier, contact us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.

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