Top 5 Bumpers for your Dodge Ram

Top 5 Bumpers for your Dodge Ram

Top 5 Bumpers for your Dodge Ram

A reliable classic of American trucks, your Dodge Ram deserves only the best when it comes to providing it the level of protection it needs. This powerful vehicle allows you to go on any adventure and easily carry out all of your day’s hard work. The only thing missing is the perfect bumper to keep it as good as new for the longest time possible.

There are a few things that are essential for you to consider when buying a new bumper for your truck. You should expect the perfect one to both matches the look of your vehicle but also to stay in place and keep itself as good as new for as long as possible. Plus, if you’re one to haul and lift a lot of things with your truck, it’s gotta be winch ready too, to avoid any disappointment as you go about your daily business. Then you have to think about lighting, can you still get your preferred lighting option with the bumper you chose? Basically, you can’t just dive into buying any random Aftermarket Bumper without considering a lot of factors beforehand.

We want to help you out by listing all the top 5 bumpers available on the market that best match the durability, efficiency, and looks of your Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500:

Steelcraft Elevation HD Bullnose Front Bumper Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2019-2020 70-12280

Steelcraft Bumpers - One encounter with a deer and these bumpers will instantly pay themselves off. With one of these, you get full guard protection with smooth steel that is both a beauty to look at and excellent to keep the bumper in check for years. These bumpers also come winch ready, so that you can haul and lift all you need straight away, and they’re so heavy-duty that you won’t even see a scratch.

So why should you give them a go? Other Dodge Ram drivers enjoy this brand’s products for the look of the flat steel and the light bar opening. Some say that they line up perfectly with the Dodge’s frame, others might disagree but you’ll have to try it yourself to find out. Our customer Dain H. says about these bumpers: “Very excellent bumper in ease of installation, quality, and appearance.”

Hammerhead 600-56-0958 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2019-2020 X-Series Front Bumper Winch Ready

Hammerhead Bumpers X Series - For a solid finish matched with the rugged look your Dodge Ram needs, you gotta trust the guys at Hammerhead. Their bumpers bolt directly to your Ram’s frame so that you won’t need to worry about any cutting or welding. You buy one of these bad boys and you’ll instantly be able to see their benefits. Proudly American (made in Mississipi), you get a full winch guard to haul and lift anything you need. This bumper series was born to take on the rough terrain your truck drives over. We challenge you to look at one of these and not think “that’s pretty badass”. It keeps the original style of the Dodge Ram intact while adding an extra cool factor.

Should you bother? Our customer Kevin thinks so: “Sit right, fit right, quality is some of the best there is. The aggressive stance, no movement when using a winch.”

Ranch Hand FSD101BL1S 2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Summit Series Front Bumper With Sensors

Ranch Hand Bumpers Summit Series - You have a look at these ones and you instantly might think “pretty tough but must weigh the Dodge Ram down a lot”. BS, we say, and Our Customers who have tried them so far can confirm. They sure don’t break easily and keep you driving with no drawbacks. They mount straight on your Dodge Ram and have a stunning diamond-plate steel body that gives you excellent durability. The overall look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but after all, who wants to be a sheep in the herd? Our customer, Itri Kenith, is especially a fan of these ones: “Never been happier with the look of my truck. This piece right here made it stand out from all other trucks.” I like him, you’re looking to be truly unique, we dare ya to give these a go.

Fab Fours DR16-V4052-1 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2016-2018 Vengeance Front Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard

Fab Fours Bumpers Vengeance Series - If you’re searching for the ultimate facelift for your Dodge Ram, then you can count on this bumper series. The Vengeance series offers all the benefits of a good old fashioned bumper but with a modern look and a lightweight that lets you fly off into the off-road without being slowed down by anything else. Plus, when it comes to lighting for aftermarket off-road bumpers, these ones allow you to choose from tons of lighting options, making it easy for you to get exactly the type of lighting you wish for.

We gotta be honest, though, this is one for those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty and make a significant change to their Ram. If your beast of a truck is too precious to be changed from its original form then look away. If you’re still interested, then you might like to know that our customers love them for the rugged look combined with impressive durability.

Warn Dodge Ram Bumpers

Warn Bumpers Looking for a sleek and high-performance bumper designed for off-roading? Check out the Warn Ascent bumpers. WARN is a name synonymous with winches, and their Ascent bumpers are designed to complement your off-road adventures. One standout feature of these bumpers is their winch-mounting capability, allowing you to easily install your winch right at the front of your rig.

You won't have to worry about rust issues with Warn Ascent bumpers. These bumpers have undergone rigorous salt testing and boast 2X corrosion protection compared to the average powder coating. highly recommends the Ascent bumper if you're seeking a high-quality option from a trusted off-road brand. WARN is a renowned name in the industry, and you can count on them for fitment and quality. Our customers highly recommend Warn bumpers too, with comments like, 'This bumper was a breeze to install and fit perfectly on my new truck! It looks awesome and will serve for many, many years. Highly recommend this upgrade!'

No need to waste your time with something bound to break after the first obstacles, get yourself a reliable bumper that will keep your road companion safe and sound. You can get any of the above as a custom bumper and make of it what you need it to be. Choose whichever looks best or has the best options for what you need and enjoy your next journey off-road with complete peace of mind.

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