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Top Bumpers for your Nissan Titan

Top Bumpers for your Nissan Titan

Those who drive a Nissan Titan pickup truck have chosen it for how reliable and capable it is. They know that they can take on the roughest paths and get out of there in one piece, but even the toughest of trucks deserves a good protective bumper that can just give it a little extra edge. Here are the top bumpers available for your Nissan Titan:

Iron Cross Bumpers

Iron Cross is one of the main leaders in the market when it comes to delivering some exceptional American-made bumpers. Nissan Titan drivers would enjoy the level of versatility of their products, perfect for both driving on the highway and off-road. Similar to the level of versatility of your truck, you get to choose between stylish matte black bumper, low profile ones, and hardline tough bumpers.

ADD Stealth and Venom Bumpers



Both the Venom and Stealth bumpers by ADD would do a great job at protecting your Nissan Titan while adding an extra tough look to your vehicle. The perfect options not only to take on the unpredictable off-road but to also enjoy some desert racing. The Venom bumpers are some of the toughest you can get on the market, with a snug fit and a unique design. Stealth bumpers are designed to be a hybrid between the ADD Pre-runner bumper and the Venom. Once it’s bolted on your Nissan, it gives it the appearance of a Baja truck yet with a clean finish.

Steelcraft Bumpers


If you’re looking for a more affordable option that still meets your needs and is built to last a long time, then we suggest you look into Steelcraft bumpers for your Nissan Titan. Whether you’re searching for one that offers the ultimate protection of the extra grille guard, would prefer a bullnose at the front, or you’re searching for a smooth plate front bumper, Steelcraft has an option that suits all of those requirements. They’re simple yet stylish in design and keep you protected at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

Fab Fours Bumpers


Fab Fours is one of the most popular brands in the market and that’s just an indication of their quality. Your Nissan Titan can enjoy a variety of styles and tough materials to choose from, all bound to give you the ultimate protection you’re looking for with a truly unique design. Think of the aggressive-looking yet lightweight Vengeance bumper series, or the winch-ready Premium bumper series. Or even their ranch-style steel bumpers or the Elite series, both designed to impress and survive any beating.

Hammerhead Bumpers

Another leading brand that makes exceptional bumpers is Hammerhead. They don’t shy away from giving your Nissan Titan access to a variety of options to choose from. Whether you favor a pre-runner bumper, a winch-ready one, or a low profile bumper, they’ve got precisely what you need. All designed to take on anything that the offroad might throw your way, reinforced to be as strong as wish it to be.

Not sure which one is best for your Nissan Titan? Feel free to contact us via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124 to get advice on the best bumper for your vehicle.





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1016 reviews
Iron Cross Bumper

Great looking bumper and high quality steel, heavy duty and very easy to install. Very pleased on easy installation and the great look when installed. Definitely recommend it.

Iron Cross Front Bumper

Installation was done in about 15 minutes this thing fits like a glove. Everyone likes it even the older folks lol. I get complements all the time. Great workmanship, made in America, baby!


I installed this on my 96 f250 and it was super easy!!!! There are 2 square holes in the front of the bumper the I put the forks of a forklift threw and set in place with 3 people working on it, it took 2 hrs. Super happy with how it looks and the durability of it I hit a deer doing 50mph and it bent my license plate and had some fur in the bumper. The only down side is the engine cooling my f250 has a 460 gas engine so it does run a bit hot in the summer ( but only on the highway above 70mph) other then that I love it.

Quality, Well Made Bumper

Easy install. Fit and finish is excellent. Gives the truck excellent protection and looks damn good doing it. I installed it myself and only needed the help of a floor jack to get it into position. Major night and day difference over the stock bumper.

Fab Fours Bumper

This is an awesome bumper.

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