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Truck Owners - Avoid these mistakes to stop your truck’s battery from dying


The off-road is wild enough without the added worry of your truck’s battery suddenly giving up in the middle of the desert or anywhere else where even getting phone reception is short of a miracle. Before starting an adventure with your Ford F-150 truck, you should learn from the mistakes that truck owners keep making and that are killing their vehicle's battery over time:


Carrying out simple yet battery-consuming tasks


battery-consuming tasks

It might not seem like a big deal at the time, but simple actions like Leaving your Truck’s Interior Lights on unnecessarily are one of the main mistakes that kill the battery. Not only that but also doing things like using your truck to charge electronic devices and GPS has an impact on your battery and should be avoided if you’re about to take on a long journey to somewhere remote.


Keeping things dirty

Keeping things dirty


When was the last time you checked the state of what’s under your hood? Open up your Dodge Ram truck and look for any corrosion or residue on your battery and its cables. Give them a nice clean with a simple wire brush if they need it, you’ll be amazed by the difference that it can make to your battery.


Leaving your truck out in the cold


truck out in the cold

If you live somewhere that’s prone to get freezing temperatures, parking your Chevy Silverado truck in a garage can save it from having the cold kill your battery. Obviously, you will still experience those freezing temperatures if you have to get out and drive somewhere. In that case, we recommend having your battery tested before heading off-road to ensure that it can handle the weather you’re experiencing.


Never checking the electricals


checking the electricals

Way too often you get truck owners rushing to replace their battery and still not seeing an improvement in their vehicle, all because the issue is down to the electricals. An alternator that’s run its course won’t be able to keep you going for much longer - whether you feel like something’s up in your vehicle or can’t remember the last time you checked your electricals, have them tested. It could be what makes or breaks your drive on an off-road trail somewhere.


Driving with an ancient battery

ancient battery


Nothing lasts forever, not even your trusty truck battery that drove you to so many amazing places over the years. A dead battery that needs recharging once or twice is not a sign of doom but if you’ve been using the same battery for many years and have recharged it plenty of times, then it’s important to know when it’s time for something new. Especially if you’re planning an Off-road Adventure, always check the performance of your battery to avoid harming your safety.


Driving with an ancient battery

Now that you know what to look out for to keep your battery in shape, you’re ready to tackle the off-road, right? Wrong! You still need to ensure the safety of your truck and yourself and to do that, you need a top bumper that gives you ultimate protection and a bonus cool appearance. Find out more about the best bumper you can get for your truck by reading our Ultimate Bumper Guide here.


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