BumperOnly Aftermarket Truck Bumpers Fitment Guarantee

Thanks to our constant dedication to FEDEC (Focus, Experience, Dedication, Expertise, Consistency), we have been able to become the first bumper store to offer the BFG (Bumper Fitment Guarantee) program to all of our customers who buy an aftermarket bumper from our online shop BumperOnly.com. We fully understand the level of frustration and complications that buying a bumper that does not fit your truck can cause. You might have been waiting weeks to finally buy one of the fantastic Ranch Hand bumpers or Fab Fours bumpers, only to be met with disappointment once it arrives and it doesn’t fit with your vehicle. We want to make a difference by helping you save both money and time with this program, issues like that happen very easily when you order products from a big online department store, that’s why we’ve started the BFG program, to take away the worries and stress of buying bumpers online. 


We have decades of experience in the industry, selling amazing products such as Hammerhead bumpers and Steelcraft bumpers, and are constantly communicating with manufacturers, vendors and customers to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. The system we have in place lets us verify fitment and has reduced any fitment issues down to nearly 0. Our initial guarantee is that whichever Road Armor bumper or else that you buy will 100% fit your truck, but in case there is a 0.01% chance that it doesn’t, we offer you both a free exchange and free return on the bumper. That means that you’ll have all the processing fees, shipping fees and restocking fees covered and at no extra cost on your part.


Please note that in order to qualify for the BFG program, you have to have placed the order via one of our customer reps before purchasing the bumper online. Ensure that after you coordinate with the rep about this, you correctly share your vehicle make or model either via phone or email once we have reached out to you. You are guaranteed to then hear back from us either before or after you make the purchase. Please make sure to reply to us within 48 hours, failure to do so will mean that you will fail to qualify for the BFG program and will lose all of its benefits (including the coverage of all fees for stocking, return shipping and processing). 


Now that you are aware of our BFG program, feel free to browse and purchase any of our Addictive Desert Designs Bumpers, Frontier Gear Bumpers, TrailReady Bumpers, Smittybilt bumpers or any other bumpers with complete peace of mind.