Lifetime Support

We pride ourselves in offering unbeatable levels of customer care to all of our customers. We have dedicated customer reps that are passionate about helping customers find exactly what they need, and are always available to talk. Whether you are wondering if your truck is best suited for one of the Road Armor bumpers or the Addictive Desert Designs Bumpers, we are ready to help. By ‘Life Support’ we genuinely mean lifelong access to our team of professionals, continuing to offer you our expert advice anytime you need it. Our customer/business relationship doesn’t end from the moment you purchase one of the Ranch Hand bumpers or any other products, we are here for you every step of the way.


We are not just talking about bumper-related questions and doubts, you can feel free to contact our customer reps even to discuss anything related to the heavy-duty truck industry. You may have got one of the Fab Fours bumpers you had been dreaming about, but are now asking yourself questions about offroading. Don’t hesitate to ask them to us, we can answer anything on topics such as tires, engines, truck mods or even truck recommendations. Of course, we are not experts in every field, but we do keep on researching and learning more about this industry every day and are always willing to help out. Even if you only last bought one of the Hammerhead bumpers a few years ago, our phones and emails will still welcome your questions. Plus, if there is anything we don’t know, we won’t shy away from asking it to our friends, vendors or on online forums for you. Ordering from us equals less hassle during and after the purchase so that you are left to enjoy your Steelcraft bumpers or else without any worries. 


At the end of the day, we are simply a bunch of folks who are passionate about our jobs and building a community for people who share the same interest in heavy-duty trucks. If you would like to connect with our experts or other ones in the industry, count on us to help you out! So enjoy browsing some of the top bumpers around, including Frontier Gear Bumpers, TrailReady Bumpers, Smittybilt bumpers and more, and feel free to contact us anytime you want to chat.