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5 of the biggest pickups on the road


Sometimes, a normal size pickup just ain’t enough to venture into the wilderness of the offroad. After all, why wouldn’t you go taller or wider if you get the chance? Let everyone know that you’re not to be messed with. Now, with the rise of EV pickups, we’re seeing more and more super big pickups, and it’s pretty clear that this trend is only gonna go further. However, would you count these beasts of the road as pickups or as a whole new genre of custom trucks?


Whatever you decide, we’ve collected five of the biggest pickups we’ve seen on the road:

 1.  The Hennessey VelociRaptor


This 6x6 bad boy made quite the impression back in 2017 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Despite the Ford logo at the front, this ain’t nothing like your classic Raptor. Showing off 600 horsepower and weighing 602 lb, this custom piece was born to challenge our concept of a pickup truck. The original F-150 welcomed additional wheels, suspension pieces, and other badass extras to create what its builder Hennessey defined as ‘pure aggression on wheels’.

 2.  The Lamborghini LM002


Back in the 80s, Lamborghini decided to create its own truck with a 5.2L V-12 engine or an optional 7.2L marine V-12. Of course, it couldn’t miss out on prepping the interior with full leather trim, a premium radio system, and tinted power windows. Despite its old age, this unprecedented pickup from Lamborghini is iconic and an amazing truck even nowadays.

 3.  The Hummer H1


Unfortunately, this massive pickup stopped being produced back in 2006, but we still want to include it for its impressive specs. Surprisingly, H1 did things differently than its usual four-door rig, and build this two-door long bed pickup with a powerful 6.6L Duramax engine.

 4.  The Apocalypse HellFire 6x6


This highly modified Jeep Gladiator boasts 500 hp with an impressive optional upgrade that pushes its hp to 707, in addition to a full 8-foot bed. This big pickup is not only larger than normal, it also shows off an aggressive and pretty badass exterior that’s guaranteed to be memorable.

 5.  The International CXT


If the previous ones weren’t big enough, here’s something that’s certain to surprise you. This pickup is no less than 22 feet long and weighs 14,000 pounds, available even with an optional 8-foot pickup bed. Just in case that wasn’t enough to stun its potential drivers, it’s got 73 gallons of fuel capacity, 12 inches of ground clearance, 153-inch wheelbase, 540 lb-ft of torque, and 220 hp. All of this is powered by a Diesel DT 466 l-6 turbo diesel engine.   

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