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All you need to know about bumper deliveries


We live in a great time where any American can go online and order something they need to be delivered straight to their home, with no hassle. The same thing happens with bumpers, but as ya can imagine, they won’t be shipped the same way as an Amazon parcel. So, what happens once you’ve officially ordered your Badass New Bumper?


Well, with the average weight of a bumper being about 200 lbs, our hardworking team always uses freight shipping to send every bumper to you. 


What is freight shipping?


Anything that gets shipped which amounts to over 150 lbs is considered ‘freight’. These packaged goods are transported across the country or beyond via plane, train, ship, or truck. Pretty much anything can be transported this way, with the only exception being made for hazardous items and perishables. Usually, these products get delivered in bulk but there might be occasions where something known as LTL (Less Than Load) happens - meaning that separate shipments are usually transported over one truck and located over palettes for safety. The latter is an option often used by smaller companies and is great for the environment as it reduces emissions.


In our case, our bumpers are proudly US-made and shipped from our warehouse directly across the States using a truck. Whenever you order, we make sure to give ya a tracking number which helps you keep up with the location of your order and gives you an idea of when it might arrive. Once your bumper has been loaded onto the truck, it’s accompanied by a BOL (Bill of Lading) which acknowledges the receipt of this and other related products to be shipped. This just confirms that your bumper is officially on its way to your home! 


What is lift gate?


We ship our bumpers to anywhere in the US, this means that sometimes our deliveries might encounter businesses that are not equipped to load and unload freight items. That’s when what is known as a ‘liftgate service’ is needed - a hydraulic lift which is normally added to the back of a truck to unload large items like a bumper.


This is essential when you haven’t got a loading dock or forklift, something that’s quite common with home deliveries. 


How to make the best of your delivery


We can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you check your delivery. Anything could have happened to the bumper from the moment it left our warehouse up until it arrives at your door. We take extreme care in packaging our products but sometimes, even the most careful of packing leaves you with some damage. That’s why we ask all of our customers to carefully inspect their bumpers as soon as they receive them and before they sign. 


Another important thing: you gotta make sure that you have your phone on ya to get notified of the delivery. That’s when the process of checking the bumper and signing for it can take place, just one extra step before you can add your new Badass Bumper to your truck!


Finally, we don’t usually ask you to pay for any of this delivery. We pride ourselves in offering free shipping to our US customers, however, some custom brands might add a shipping surcharge depending on the bumper you plan to order. To make sure that you know what’s free, check out our limited free shipping agreement. If you have any other doubts about shipping in general, have a look at our Shipping Policy which outlines everything you need to know.


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