Best of the Best: Top 5 Bumper Brands For Your Dodge Ram Truck

Best of the Best: Top 5 Bumper Brands For Your Dodge Ram Truck


With the arrival of the 2019 Ram, a new bar has been set for pickups. The latest iteration of the iconic truck pushes its capabilities to the next level. Whether you’re looking at on-road or off-road performance, this vehicle definitely deserves your attention.

Capable of hauling a payload of up to 2,300 pounds and towing up to 12,750 pounds, this truck has all the power you need – and that’s just for the Ram 1500, the smallest of the bunch. Step up to the 2500 to carry a maximum payload of 4,050 pounds and tow a maximum of 19,780 pounds. The 3500 delivers even more performance, able to take on a payload of 7,680 pounds and tow 35,100 pounds.

This is made possible by the Ram’s new frame. It uses advanced high-strength steel in 98% of its construction that not only makes it lighter but stronger at the same time. The body of the truck has also been reworked to use the same high-strength steel and an aluminum hood to reduce weight without compromise.

Since we’re in 2019, it’s a given that the Ram features the latest tech. An electronic locking differential allows you to change modes at the push of a button. The truck can also be equipped with an air suspension system to improve ride quality, fuel efficiency, and off-road performance.

All these features come together to make the Dodge Ram a truck you can take anywhere. But before you do, you’ll want to make sure this beast is protected.

While we’re waiting on manufacturers to update their lineup for the new truck, we’ve put together a list of our most popular Dodge Ram bumpers. Keep an eye out for these brands and look forward to what they have in store.



For over two decades, Steelcraft has made some of the best aftermarket parts for trucks and SUVs. They make Grille Guards, Bull Bars, Side Steps, and other accessories that many off-road enthusiasts swear by. Of course, their line of Dodge Ram bumpers is no exception.

Steelcraft Elevation Series

One of their latest creations is the Elevation series. As more and more tech is incorporated into trucks, even old school bumpers need to keep up. That’s what Elevation Bumpers are all about. This model supports the Ram’s Front Emblem Cameras and Adaptive Cruise Control. Having a Steelcraft Bumper means you don’t have to let go of the latest advancements to get the best protection.

You’ll also want to look at Steelcraft’s HD lineup. This grille guard bumper provides full-coverage protection that’s more than just skin deep. It’s made of schedule 40 pipe and diamond plated steel. Even the grille is super tough since it’s punch plated instead of the more common expanded metal mesh. As you can see, this Heavy Duty Bumper truly earns that label.

Dennis Ribordy bought: Steelcraft HD Bumper Replacement Rear Bumper Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-2018 HD22260Big & Beefy

" I was expecting large steel bumpers and these bad boys more than fit the bill. I love them, my wife thinks they are ugly (she's not a real truck person). Next time my bumper taps a boulder I don't think I'll have $4500 worth of body damage. Also I have never hit a deer, come real close a few times, now I should hit a deer it won't be my truck that gets hurt. Love my new Steelcraft bumpers from Bumpers Only."



Ranch Hand bumpers are known for old-school looks with nearly indestructible performance. They make some of the biggest and baddest bumpers around. With roots in south Texas, Ranch Hand doesn’t just provide bumpers for those who want to have some fun in a truck. Ranchers who want to upgrade their workhorse also look to the brand for their needs.

Ranch Hand Summit Series


If you’re looking to unleash your Ram on the trails, the Summit Front Bumper has you covered. It provides excellent wrap-around protection while still allowing you to retain the factory fog lights and tow hook. With its 12 gauge diamond plate steel construction, it shields your truck without adding too much extra weight. It’s also easy to install – no cutting, welding or drilling required.

With all that said, it’s no wonder why Ranch Hand and their Summit bumpers are here on this list.

" Easy install. Everything fit just like it should. I'm 65 and installed it by myself. Great bumper and a heavy sonbitch."



Next up is Hammerhead. Their bumpers are made of the same industrial steel as mining trucks. Their facilities are also ISO 9001 certified so you can be sure that each of their bumpers is manufactured following the highest standards. What’s more, all Hammerhead Bumpers are made in the USA, ensuring you get nothing short of the best.

If you’re looking for something that will do it all, you might want to consider this brands Dodge Ram pre-runner bumper. It’s made of reinforced 3/16” plate steel for extra strength minus the extra weight. The bumper is also winch-ready, can accommodate four 3.25" x 3.25" cube fog lights, and has 0.750" thick shackle mounts built right into the bumper’s frame mounts.

" Sits right, fit right, quality is some of the best there is. Aggressive stance, no movement when using winch. Now I need the rear bumper. Be back soon, thank bumperonly!"

Pair that front end with Hammerhead’s own flush mount rear bumper. It’s made of 1/4” reinforced plate steel and, like its front bumper counterpart, has shackle mounts that are a part of the mounting surface to the frame. This rear bumper gives you all the extra strength and utility for the back end of your truck while still allowing you to use the OEM sensors.

" This bumper is straight up cool. Between the heavy duty materials to the grade A craftsmanship it will hold up to whatever I can throw at it. Finish is top notch and small details like led plate lights and shackle bushings to stop rattle are a plus to me. My only issue was installing it with an aftermarket receiver hitch but still fit nicely and looks great. I will suggest this brand to anybody that wants heavy duty protection and looks for their vehicle."



As their name implies, Body Armor’s products are built to take a beating. And they make sure to do it in style. They’re a company dedicated to providing only the best for the off-road community. That’s why Body Armor bumpers come with aggressive looks without sacrificing function. After all, looks aren’t everything.

Body Armor Eco Series

A great example of their philosophy in action is the Eco Series front bumper. Though not as large as the other models on this list, this bumper still means business. It’s made of 1/8” thick plate steel, crafted in Body Armor’s signature aggressive style. The bumper can accommodate a 20” dual row LED light bar, 4 cube LED’s, and can also fit the Dodge Ram’s factory tow hitch and parking sensors.

If you’re looking for top-level performance without the bulk, Body Armor bumpers won’t let you down.

" Recieved in timely manner good quality and fit. "



Introducing Ali Arc, a renowned Canadian bumper brand dedicated to ensuring their valued customers experience minimal downtime. At Ali Arc, they genuinely care about you and your truck, and they understand that the challenges posed by wildlife aren't going anywhere. That's why, wherever life takes you, Ali Arc will be there to protect your journey


Ali Arc Aluminum

Searching for a bumper that combines robustness with aesthetics for your Dodge Ram? Look no further than the Ali Arc Aluminum bumpers. These bumpers are engineered to be as heavy-duty as they come, ready to tackle any challenges that come your way.

Ali Arc takes a unique approach to enhance your driving experience by reducing your truck's weight. Instead of traditional steel, these bumpers are crafted from lightweight aluminum. This innovative choice keeps the weight between a manageable 250 lbs and 370 lbs, all while ensuring exceptional strength. The high-polish finish not only adds to their appeal but also provides a protective shield against corrosion.

What makes these bumpers perform so remarkably? The secret lies in their rigid design, which utilizes the highest quality aluminum available. To create an Ali Arc bumper, only the most skilled tradespeople are entrusted with the task.

For those Dodge owners seeking even greater protection, Ali Arc offers their formidable Grille guard. This addition boasts the same sturdiness you need, coupled with a sleek appearance. Plus, you'll have the convenience of towing, thanks to the steel tow pin integrated into the tow section.

" Badass bumper Ali Love the bumper its lightweight but yet strong easy to install and everything fits perfectly and gives the truck a new look and probably install license plate in the middle where the v shape is gotta get it centered first"

So there you have it. Any of these five brands will give you the highest level of craftsmanship, durability, and style. Their bumpers will transform your Dodge Ram into the off-road beast it was always meant to be.

Of course, they’re not the only bumpers out there. Head over to BumperOnly’s store to check out the rest of our collection. We’ve partnered with the top brands to give you the widest selection of Aftermarket Front Bumpers – from stealthy low-profile models to full protection grille guards and everything in between. Give us a call and one of our experts will help you find the perfect bumper for your vehicle.

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