Bumper to Bumper: Make The Upgrade To Heavy Duty

Bumper to Bumper: Make The Upgrade To Heavy Duty


Bumpers for trucks weren’t always as in-demand as they are today. Before all the new options and different looks, most people stuck with the stock bumper for simplicity’s sake, not realizing the world of Heavy-duty Bumpers that was waiting for them. It didn’t make sense to spend the extra money when you’d basically pay for a slightly better version of what you already had.

These days, however, accessorizing your truck is almost like a rite of passage, a key component of any enthusiast’s ownership. Tricking out your truck can be made easier by taking this big but simple step.


The Next Big Thing

Aftermarket bumpers are quickly becoming one of the most commonly upgraded parts for truck owners. Not only does a custom Front Bumper serve as an extra means of protection against whatever might cross your path, but it also adds a unique, noticeable characteristic to your vehicle.

If you want people to stare at your truck, to make heads turn when you pass by, a new bumper is the way to go.

Aftermarket Bumpers


Safety First

One of the primary reasons truck and SUV owners consider buying an aftermarket bumper is that it provides extra protection. This is especially useful in areas where deer or moose cross roadways unexpectedly.

Grille Guards, specifically, are designed so that large animals or obstacles, if hit, will not directly impact the engine block or other parts right behind the grill. It also prevents them from coming into contact with the windshield. You get to keep your truck in top shape while shielding you and your loved ones from danger. It’s ultimately the best of both worlds.


Steel is Real

As mentioned earlier, there are several varieties of aftermarket bumpers available in today’s market. Some truck owners feel that chrome—due to the clear aesthetic appeal—is the best option; it’s eye-catching and relatively easy to keep clean. The problem with chrome, however, is that it is nowhere near as durable as steel.

Steel truck bumpers last longer than chrome because they don’t chip or crack as easily. What may appear sleek and attractive may end up costing you a lot more when considering future repairs or replacements.

Similarly, plastic is thought of as the lighter alternative to steel.But plastic can crack and these bumpers still require almost as much steel for the appropriate support brackets. When it comes to weight, it’s possible that the plastic variant may indeed weigh less than its steel counterpart, but this difference is nearly negligible. This alone should not affect your decision when choosing a bumper.

Besides, if you have to replace the plastic every time something bumps into you, is that accessory living up to its expectations? Steel is the only material used to manufacture true Heavy Duty Truck Bumpers.


Misconceptions About Bumpers

A lot of people believe that airbags are trigged by the bumper hitting an object. In reality, the sensors for the airbag deployment can be located either in the front of the vehicle, closer to the engine or on the passenger side. Not only are these sensors not in close enough proximity to the bumper for an aftermarket product to cause any complications, airbag deployment is controlled by several other factors—wheel speed, seat weight, and brake pressure to name a few.

Another common misunderstanding is that the installation of an Aftermarket Bumper requires drilling that can compromise the integrity of the truck’s frame. Again, this is usually false.

Most heavy duty bumpers aren’t as difficult to attach as some people may believe. Modern bumpers are attached using a bolt-on system rather than permanent modification. Brackets and bolts are included with the accessory to make everything that much easier.


Variety for Any Purpose

Maybe you’re looking for something to add a little flair to your truck.Maybe what you need is more safety or the ability to get yourself out of tough situations.

If additional features aren’t necessary, a sleeker bullnose or low-profile custom front bumper may be perfect for you. You get the benefit of added protection while still looking tough.

Winch Rear Bumpers might be better-suited for your needs if you spend a lot of your time off-roading. Just because you’ve never been stuck before doesn’t mean it will never happen. When it does, you’re going to want a winch that can pull you or your buddies out, and the Off-road Truck Bumper that can handle all that power.

Grille Guards are also popular these days, as increased deer populations have yielded a rise in the need for additional measures against collision. You worked hard for that truck and all the modifications you’ve put into it. You should be able to play without worrying about an accident.


Built by Craftsmen

It’s no surprise that heavy-duty truck bumpers are manufactured by some of the hardest working companies in America. It takes a strong eye and a worker’s attention to detail to craft bumpers like these.

Companies like Ranch HandFab Fours,  Addictive Desert Designs (ADD), Steelcraft, and Hammerhead Armor specialize in creating these beastly accessories. Bumpers as solid and attractive as these aren’t designed overnight and thrown together by just anybody. The engineers and manufacturers of these bumpers have advanced skills that separate them from the rest of the pack.

From measuring to cutting and finishing up with grinding and powder coating, these craftsmen know the processes and know them well.

Heavy Duty Bumper Manufacturing



Buy Online

Due to the variety in both vehicle and bumper type, finding the perfect fit for your truck and your needs can be difficult. This is especially true if you live somewhere rural where not a lot of shops are nearby. But thanks to the internet, it’s easier to track down the right product and have it delivered to your doorstep.

For top-quality bumpers hand-built in the U.S.A. visit BumperOnly.com. Whether you’re looking for something to make your truck stand out, stand firm, or stand again, we’ve got you covered.

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