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Check out the truck with the largest factory wheels EVER


There’s no doubt that some badass giant four-wheels have for long been an addition that many different drivers have enjoyed over the years. However, it’s always been the kind of thing that you would have to sort out later. There was no way that any standard truck manufacturer would look at its brand new truck and go ‘hey let’s make these wheels larger than the standard size’. You would sometimes find the optional 16-inch wheels which were enough of a big deal, and over time we’ve gone as far as making the 17-inch wheels the standard, with the optional 18-inch wheels if you were willing to pay more for a luxury truck. That’s why so many of us have been shilling out some extra few bucks after buying a truck to change this detail and get the wheels of our dreams. Now, we’re lucky to be able to find 20-inch wheels on new trucks pretty easily and can go as far as 22-inch wheels with the highest trims. But is this enough?

new trucks


Doing things differently

Chevrolet Silverado


Chevrolet Silverado

GM has looked at the market and thought ‘hold on a sec, we can push this further’. They decided to try something different with their latest Chevrolet Silverado EV by turning it into the first factory pickup to show off four stunning 24-inch wheels. They know what’s coming, after all, we’ve already moved from 16-inch wheels being the standard to 20-inch wheels!


Chevrolet Silverado

The future is all gonna be about 24-inch wheels and maybe even 26-inch wheels, and GM didn’t wanna wait around for someone else to do it first. Only a decade ago you’d have to go through a big ordeal just to make your wheels slightly bigger than the standard, and now you can have what you want from the get-go.


Silverado EV
Silverado EV

But that ain’t it, as GM has also announced that this upcoming Silverado EV will offer four-wheel steering, similar to their GMC Hummer EV.

Silverado EV

In addition, it’ll be powered by Ultium battery technology and we can expect it to be slightly smaller in structure than the Hummer EV (which doesn’t mean minuscule considering that this truck is huge!).



If you’re curious about the Silverado but not a big fan of the 24-inch wheels, worry not. As they will come as optional, alongside its four-wheel steering. If, instead, you just can’t wait until a truck like this comes out and are ready to revamp your own truck with bigger wheels, head over to our buddies at RealTruck to grab some really badass wheels for your beast of the road.


If your wheels are sorted, complete the look of your truck with a badass big bumper - we’ve got all kinds of designs you can think of to boost the protection of your truck and match its style. When in doubt, check out our Ultimate Bumper Guide to get a good idea of what we offer, or get in touch with us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124 to get any advice on which bumper is best for your truck.


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