Check out the winning truck transformations

Check out the winning truck transformations

A while ago, we asked y’all to share the before and after photos of your trucks’ transformation and y’all didn’t disappoint! We’re so excited to see our bumpers in action and have had a blast checking out the huge difference they’ve made to your vehicles. Now, here are the winning transformations:


The ADD Bumper for Juan Rodriguez


Juan knew that his shiny Ford F150 Raptor was missing something, the iconic Ford brand sign at the front was not enough to complete the look. That’s when he decided to enhance the protection and add a finishing touch to the aesthetics with the right bumper. 


For his transformation, he opted for a low-profile Pro bumper by Addictive Desert Designs. This bad boy was a match made in heaven for the Ford Raptor and it’s the only thing missing to perfectly contour the front of his truck.


The Fab Fours Bumper for Andria Rivera


Andria was searching for something that could properly protect the trusty Toyota Tacoma and Fab Fours were ready to provide a solution. Something that could keep all potential danger or damage away while adding to the original look.


For this transformation, Andria opted for a Vengeance Bumper with a Pre-runner Guard by the beloved Fab Fours. A great way to instantly get a killer look and the ultimate protection needed. The pre-runner guard lets everything and everyone know that this truck can’t be messed with while its lower cutout ensures increased airflow. 


The Ranch Hand Bumper for Tyler Turner


Tyler knew it was time to get his GMC Sierra properly ready to face anything that the off-road might throw at him. That’s when he decided to look for one of the kings of bumpers, Ranch Hand, to get the best front protection any driver dreams of.


For his transformation, Tyler settled on a Ranch Hand Bumper from the Legend Series with its iconic heavy-duty style. Its full-face defense guard will keep all potential damage at bay and its custom fit ensured that his truck would have no issues welcoming this new pal to its design.


The Hammerhead Bumper for Jason Decker


All that Jason’s reliable Chevy Silverado was missing was an extra touch of badass and some great protection to become the envy of the neighborhood. To do this job, he turned to the guys at Hammerhead and their popular bumper selection.


For his transformation, Jason went for a winch-ready Pre-runner Bumper by Hammerhead. One that could not only sustain any damage that the on and off-road could have planned, but also haul up to 15K lbs. This addition has then both given his Chevy Silverado a new cool look and gave it more functionality for his day-to-day driving.


The Iron Cross Bumper for Robert Quick


Last but not least, there is the subtle yet super effective transformation of Robert’s Ford F150. His beast of a truck was in need of a boost in protection that didn’t get in the way of the original design of his Ford.


That’s why he opted for a Low-profile front bumper by Iron Cross, another leader in the market. This one doesn’t stick further out than the original manufacturer’s bumper, keeping the front as you love it while still fighting anything that might be trying to damage the truck. Sometimes, a simple but tough to crack bumper is all you need.

Ready to start your own transformation? We’ve got a huge selection of Heavy-duty Bumpers from the best brands in the market on offer at unbeatable prices. Check out our shop and if you need any help, get in touch either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.

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