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Common Truck Mods You Need To Watch Out For

Common Truck Mods You Need To Watch Out For

Modding your truck can be the best way to turn a vehicle that everyone has into something unique to you and your preferences. Not even the most badass of Ford Superduty or Dodge Ram trucks can fulfill every single thing you have in mind for the truck of your dreams, and that’s when mods come in. Despite their popularity, there are a few common mods that are actually illegal in the US. Here we aim to explain what you need to watch out for with modding, to make sure you avoid getting into trouble.


Overly-bright Lights


While improving your lighting might help you see the road better, lightbars that show off an overly powerful light could blind other motorists and cause accidents. If you’re keen on installing them anyway, just make sure you only turn them on when you’re driving off-road, that’s when they’re at their most useful. Just keep them away from busy public roads and they’re perfectly legal.


Super dark window tints


Tinting your windows is perfectly fine, the only thing that the law doesn’t like is when the tint is so dark that you’re no longer visible from the outside. While that can be great to keep the inside of your truck cool during hot summers, some states really disapprove of dark tinted windows and might stop you as you drive around. Avoid any hassle by checking with your local state law before tinting your windows of that shade.


Really loud exhaust system


Installing loud exhaust systems to show off to other drivers is quite a popular practice, which is not exactly illegal in the US. However, the level of sound disturbance that some cars have caused to neighborhoods has led to most states putting in place some rules to follow. For example, Colorado has completely banned them while New York is okay with them as long as they don’t go over their set threshold. If you’re planning on installing one, check what are the regulations in your area before risking getting into trouble for it.


Adding cold air intake systems


Many drivers like to install cold air intake systems in their trucks to gain more horsepower and have more fun on the road. As with everything that adds speed to a vehicle, many states have made them kinda illegal to avoid having people blast off into the distance. No need to despair, though, as there’s a solution: if the system you get has a CARB Executive Order (EO) number, then you’re allowed to install it and have fun with it.


Opting for studded tires


They might sound like another aesthetic mod, but studded tires are actually quite essential for drivers dealing with frozen roads. Due to that, they’re only really legal if you’re using them in harsh weather. So no matter how badass you think they look, once the snow melts, you’ll need to get them out of your tires. 

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