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Desert Racing and the Trophy Trucks



If you’re a fan of Off-road racing, then you’re probably familiar with Baja 1000. It doesn’t get more prestigious than welcoming drivers from all over the world to the Baja California Peninsula to take on this dangerous path to victory. While drivers are welcome to use all kinds of vehicles, many tend to use what are known as ‘ Trophy trucks’ or ‘ Baja trucks’.


What makes a truck a ‘Trophy’ or ‘Baja’ Truck



Those beasts are the kings of off-road racing, favoring a highly powerful engine and superior long-travel suspension. Most Trophy trucks are built from a Ford Raptor, customized to meet everything that racing the desert could ask for. As an example, Jimco Racing is one of the most renowned racing companies that have developed their own Trophy trucks, boasting an 850+ hp engine, more than 2 ft of wheel travel at the front, and nearly 3 ft at the rear.


The reality of racing the Baja 1000

  Baja 1000 Racing Ford Raptor

Despite what it might sound like initially, taking on the treacherous Baja 1000 is a team effort from start to finish. Racer Brian Wilson is a good example of that, he once started off the race himself and then let his co-driver Randy Wilson take over at mile 540. The latter then passed the driving seat to Kyle Quinn at race mile 720, who unfortunately misjudged a corner and found himself stuck in a car park with front end damage. Thankfully, the Wilson Motorsports crew came to rescue and allowed Quinn to get back to the race, eventually finishing fourth in the race. A clear and impressive team effort.


Nevertheless, this is the type of race where simply completing the course is enough of a victory. In November of 2017, out of the nineteen race cars that took on the Baja 1000, only eight managed to reach the finish line. It’s worth noting that five of those cars had been built by Jimco.


Building your own desert racing truck

While constructing your own Baja truck might be out of reach for many, there are still a few things you can do to turn your Ford Raptor into a beast that can successfully complete other professional desert races with the right bumper for protection.


ADD Bumpers were made for trucks that love the adventurous off-road, and their option for your Ford Raptor is made with a powerful .120” wall steel tubing bound to last and a protective Aluminumskid plate. They perfectly contour your truck while giving you all the clearance you expect from a frame cut bumper, without actually cutting the frame.


If instead, you’re looking for an extremely clean and aggressive look, then you’re gonna enjoy the N-Fab Bumpers. Made with 1.75" .095 wall tubing as a 1 piece fully welded design, they offer a strong protective option that also blends in with the front of your Ford Raptor.


For a classic Baja styling and a high-clearance design, look at LEX Off-road Bumpers. They provide you all the functionality you need to race, made with a .120 wall tube and mild steel for ultimate protection and strength.


Unsure on which to choose for your Ford Raptor? You can always contact our customer service team for advice by using our live chat or calling us on 281-404-2124.


(Baja 1000 stories originally published by jimcoracing.org - https://www.jimcoracing.com/blogs/jimco-racing-news/1000-miles-1000-stories-the-baja-1000)




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