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Fab Fours Grumper: The Future is Now



With SEMA 2017 wrapping up, there are numerous new parts worth discussing. Trucks proved to be the popular item this year, with more vehicles showcased and exhibits specifically targeted toward the off-roading and modification-loving truck owners—a trend we hope to see continue for shows to come.

Unsurprisingly to those who have attended SEMA shows in the past, the 2017 Ford Super Duty stole the show. It was awarded the hottest truck this year, an award the series has obtained seven times prior. Many of the parts displayed at the show in Las Vegas, particularly the bumpers, were designed specifically for this line of trucks.

Even with classics and modified beasts of all makes and sizes, the 2017 Ford Trucks seemed to catch everyone’s attention. The Fab Fours Grumper, especially, caught the eyes of spectators and refused to be ignored.


Made By Enthusiasts, For Enthusiasts

Fab Fours was formed by friends in 2005, but its relatively green nature is not reflected in its production. They build bumpers suited for off-road enthusiasts because they too love the thrill of taking a souped-up monster of a truck out where there are no roads.

Fab Fours believes in the idea of bettering the safety and performance of truck parts, especially those meant to withstand the environment beyond thepavement. It is a state of the art company which utilizes modern 3D design software and techniques to render the formidable, undeniably recognizable Fab Fours Bumpers we see today.

They take pride in their work, focusing on craftsmanship and innovation. Based out of South Carolina, all Fab Fours products are made in America and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Striking Gold

Fab Fours Grumper: The Future is Now Manufacturing

The Grumper was first created by Fab Fours as a Jeep Bumper, intended to provide a flashy look to the exterior while also giving the vehicle a protection boost, further ensuring the safety of its occupants. For years, this bumper/grille combination has only been designed as an aftermarket Jeep part. But this year, that all changes. Fab Fours’ Grumper will soon be available for other truck models such as Ford’s Super Duty.

 At SEMA this year, Fab Fours brought with them a project Super Duty truck decked out with the new Grumper bumper. Due to the sleek design and more so the color of the finished vehicle, this truck was known as “Goldie”.

It was by far one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring trucks this year, drawing visitors and fellow companies alike toward it. The Grumper screams style, safety, and dependability in one singular utterance; it’s no surprise it did as well as it did this year.       


Past Meets Future

As mentioned earlier, the Grumper started exclusively as a bumper for Jeep Wranglers, beginning with the model produced in 2007. Since its inception, the Grumper has seen some aesthetic changes and embraced its novelty to the fullest extent.

With winch capabilities, there isn’t much it can’t accomplish. Made with 11-gauge steel serving as the primary basis for its composition, there is no denying how sturdy and dependable this bumper would prove to be if ever involved in an accident.

Customization also comes into play as the bumpercan be had either powder coated or left bare.It also comes with removable inserts in the event you would like to change things up or achieve the design you’re looking for.


Built for the Best

Fab Fours Grumper: The Future is Now Manufacturing

Starting January of 2018, the Grumper will be available for 2017 Ford 250s and 350s. After its unprecedented praise during this year’s SEMA, you’re going to want to act fast; this bumper is sure to be a hot commodity and sell out quick.

Much of the composition elements for this bumper are the same as its predecessor (the model designed for the Jeep JK): 11-gauge steel and your choice of bare steel or 2 stage black matte powder coat for its finish. It’s also made ready for a winch and can accommodate multiple lighting options—more variation equals more opportunity to make this bumper uniquely yours.

A quick look at the side of the bumper reveals that it provides an optimal tire clearance for all your off-roading needs. No need to fret about jutting rocks when you’ve got this monster fixed to the front of your truck.


Get Ready for the Grumper

Fab Fours Grumper: The Future is Now Manufacturing

All in all, this is a bumper worth reserving now. If the sheer aggressive aesthetic doesn’t pull you in, the obvious safety benefits and durability should. The Grumper truly is the future of Aftermarket Truck Bumpers.

If deep down, you know the only true way to happiness is a total Ford Super Duty Bumper replacement, let BumperOnly help you on your way to euphoria. We’re now offering the Grumper for F250 and F350 Super Duty models at a discounted price of $2880—almost $1000 less than its original price. This is the Ford Off road Bumper your truck deserves.

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