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Here are the top affordable American bumper brands


You can’t compromise on quality when it comes to protecting your truck and yourself. After all, it’s an investment that’s going to pay you back in how many times it might save your life or even just save you from spending to repair your truck. However, did you know that you can do that without breaking the bank? Of course, expensive bumpers cost that much for their exceptional features, but if you’re looking for a great aftermarket that will do its job, then you can actually get one for even less than a grand. Save a few bucks by checking out the following American brands that focus on manufacturing affordable bumpers:


Affordable Offroad Bumpers


This brand started out with an American guy like you, who spent his time building Jeep and ‘buggy’ frames for family and friends. Then, in 2011, this hobby became a profession with the inception of this company. Nowadays, this brand has become renowned in the offroad space for its affordable yet excellent bumpers and Truck Accessories. You can expect to shell out as little as $450 for a pretty great bumper that will keep you safe on the road.


Xtreme Rally Bumpers


Of course, as we have made it our mission to help all offroad drivers and truck owners, we couldn’t just sit down and wait around for someone else to start making affordable racing bumpers. That’s why we have launched our own line of Aftermarket Bumpers, proudly hand-built in the USA. These Prerunner Bumpers are designed to survive the harshest test of them all: racing the desert. They’re inspired by Baja racing and built to overcome any obstacles even at high speeds. If you’re looking for something tough with an aggressive look that’s also affordable, you know where to go.


TrailFX Bumpers


A US bumper manufacturer that never compromises on quality, function, and innovation despite the affordable price tags is TrailFX. These bad boys are designed to work great both on a drive around the city and into the wilderness of the offroad. They’re easy to mount onto your truck and some of them are available for even less than a grand. The precision engineering design could trick anyone into thinking that you spent thousands on one of these while saving you big bucks. 


American Built Bumpers


This Texan manufacturer shows off 28 years of experience in making truck accessories and yet doesn’t jack up its prices. Their specialty is in a superior design & finish and an accurate fit, all available with affordable pricing. These are available with a simple installation that requires no drilling! A truly American Bumper Manufacturer that lets you shop for exceptional bumpers without spending more than a grand. 


Are these the brands for you or would you like some advice on what kind of bumper would be best for the type of truck you drive?  Discover which one of our bumpers is the best option for your vehicle by checking out our  Ultimate Bumper Guide, our expert customer service team is always happy to help you decide, get in touch with them today either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


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