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How a 22 years old turned his Dodge Ram from Straight Stock to Straight-up Beast

How a 22 years old turned his Dodge Ram from Straight Stock to Straight-up Beast

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to turn a traditional-looking truck into the badass one of your dreams - this 22 years old guy right here has done exactly that. We’re lucky to have so many options of cool-looking trucks to choose from already available, but there is something truly special about bringing your vision of the perfect truck to life.


The badass transformation


Or at least, that’s how Joey Rodriguez felt when he finally got his hands on the driving wheel of his first Dodge Ram truck. Inspired by the years spent looking at his dad driving the same vehicle, he couldn’t wait to finally buy his very own monster truck. By the time he learned to drive, all he had in mind were the memories of his father’s lifted Dodge truck that could take any beatings and lasted a lifetime.


To simply get a stock Dodge truck wasn’t the plan, though, and as he searched for the right one, he really liked the idea of either following his father’s steps and turning one into a racer or turning it into a lifted custom truck. Ultimately, the latter won and he sent his 2012 Dodge truck to the talented Kent at Krazy Kustoms.


After a month of waiting with excitement, Joey got the Dodge back with a badass towering 10-inch lift from stock. He also invested his savings into powder coating and chroming the frame and undercarriage so that he could really show off the suspension. Up next, was the improved giddy-up under the hood, and the rest of his hard-earned cash went into boosting the diesel motor to over 1,000 horsepower.


For the appearance, Joey entrusted Wally at Wally’s Collision Center with the task of spray painting a white coat over the Dodge and ensuring that every plastic piece inside matches the exterior, while his buddy Bubba laid down silver leafing and badass graphics across the whole body.


Obviously, a good sound system was another must-have, and Biggie from Beats by Bigs was happy to assist with that and gave him the power to annoy all neighbors with music as loud as it can possibly be.


Finally, Joey completed the job by removing the back window to perfectly install a suede headliner, also removing the stock seats to wrap them with unique Katzkin leather.



What about you? Do you have any designs or styles that you wish your truck would have? Making your truck more unique doesn’t necessarily require turning the whole vehicle upside down. You can begin your journey to a more personalized & badass truck by just adding the perfect bumper - which not only transforms the appearance of your vehicle but also gives it extra protection. To get some help deciding what your truck needs in terms of bumpers, we’ve compiled the Ultime Bumper Guide - check it out to figure out what works best for your beast of a truck.


If you need any help with your choice or simply have any questions to ask, you can always contact us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


(Original story published by trucktrend.com - http://www.trucktrend.com/features/1606-2012-ram-2500-beast-mode/ )

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I put it on last summer, it makes it look tough.

The order shipped quickly and I received Everything in excellent condition


Bumper looks good. Let me say that. Had to fab a tiny amount of superficial framework to get bumper to fit. Also had to cut a small square of top of bumper out to have room for winch controller to fit. 2017 Ram 2500 diesel. My winch came with 4-5 configurations for the controller to mount and none would fit. Fab four Installation instructions were 100% garbage. I winged it, but it was a PITA. I expected more from what i thought was a premium aftermarket company.

Good rope pulled around alot of pickups

I like the rings and rope came with my bumper purchase use it to pull around broken down vehicles around the shop

Fab Four All the Way

Great 100 quality material, if you are going for an aggressive look, this is the bumper, you will have do trimming to the plastic guards and running lights is a lot because I ordered rigid lights which each lights have two switches. The Fab Four is the best out there, you get what you pay for.

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