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How to fit the right bumper to your Power Wagon


We take pride in offering a bumper solution for any truck on the market and that includes ones that have made history like the Power Wagon. These 4 x 4 by Dodge were essential from the 40s until the 80s to provide power to remote areas and were based on the Dodge trucks previously made for the US military during WWII. Their sturdiness and ability to get through anything made them excellent for the off-road, thanks to their reinforced frame. 


Nowadays, you can snatch a revived version of this iconic truck as the four-wheel-drive version of the Dodge Ram 2500. This vehicle brings heavy-duty to another level, offering a truly strong pulling power and 33-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A tires that can get you through anything. Basically, it’s no wonder that some of ya have decided to make this your road companion!


How do you fit a bumper on a Power Wagon?

Good news, you can still add extra protection and a unique badass look to your truck even if it’s a Power Wagon. This vehicle has the same frame as other Dodge trucks but only differs in its OE Winch. It’s designed with an integrated brace mount at the front and as such, you need to remove the OE Winch before you can add your new bumper.


Which bumpers can you get for your Power Wagon?


Frontier Pro Front Bumper


This heavy-duty bumper combines a heavy-smooth plate with a diamond plate to offer both great looks and unsurpassed strength. It’s designed as a fully welded one-piece with heavy-steel brackets enforced to withstand serious impact. Perfect to get the toughest look and protection at once for your Power Wagon.


Thunder Struck Classic Grille Guard Bumper


Made from American-made steel, this bumper is designed to withstand the wildest adventures off-road. It’s been engineered with the latest 3D design and precision cutting equipment, combining a 14-gauge perforated metal screen with a ¼” x 11-gauge square tube. Plus, it comes with a grille guard to offer exceptional protection from anything the road can have in store for you.


Hammerhead Low-Profile Bumper


This bumper is made from 3/16” thick plate steel and reinforced to ensure extra strength while remaining lightweight. You can expect nothing less than a sturdy & badass-looking bumper from the experienced guys at Hammerhead. Plus, the low-profile design makes it easy to match this bumper with the design of your Power Wagon.


Frontier Xtreme Front Bumper


If you’re looking for something even tougher, this bumper from the Xtreme series by Frontier is all you need. It’s designed as a fully welded one-piece, truly heavy-duty, and comes with a snug fit that offers great garage ability. Plus, a grille guard with a low profile that will enhance the appearance of your truck.

Ready to get yours? Check out our  Ultimate Bumper Guide  to find out what are the top aftermarket bumpers and find the one right for you. If you’re ready to get a new bumper for your Power Wagon or want some extra advice on what to get, feel free to get in touch with our customer service experts either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.

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