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How to get a Baja truck ready for a successful trip to SEMA

How to get a Baja truck ready for a successful trip to SEMA

If you’re building your custom Baja truck, you’re gonna want to impress competitors by building something truly unique. The LGE-CTS Baja Forged did exactly that with their Baja truck which was shown off at SEMA 2017, and now their new line is born out of a collaboration with a local manufacturer of fiberglass parts. Here’s how they revamped their original 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty.


Making the ultimate showstopper


So, what’s next to make this badass beast even cooler? The secret is all in the fiberglass. To manufacture these new fenders and bedsides, the facility began by making sure that everything would fit nicely together. Then, they coated the inside of their mold with wax-based releasing compound to make sure that the final product can easily get out of the mold.


Once that job is done, the team can apply the first layer of fiberglass. Thanks to it being still dry, they can cut it directly into shape while still leaving time for later adjustments. Once all the needed pieces have been cut, the soaking process begins with the first layer going into a mix of resin and liquid hardener. That’s done with a simple paintbrush and as soon as the first layer is done, the whole process starts again with the second. 



The layers are then left to cure and once they have bonded, they can be cut further to perfectly fit the mold. Once the final fiberglass itself has cured, it can be taken off the mold, and after spraying the white sealer primer, the panels are ready to be installed onto the truck.



Applying the changes to the Ford F-250

To make the changes, the team first needed to remove the old factory bedsides and fenders. This is how they did it:


Step 1 - The bed came off from the bed mounts and slid back to access the forward edge of the bedside, after disconnecting the wiring harness. This allowed the team to remove the tailgate.


Step 2 - They unscrewed the two screws holding the taillights in and then went on to remove the factory bedrail caps and the plastics behind the bumper and by the bottom edge of the bed.


Step 3 - Now, the quarter-panel of the Super Duty needed to come off. To do that, they began to ground off its rivet heads, and to make sure they are really gone, they removed any material left with a hammer and chisel. Next, the inner fender got sliced from top to bottom to free the outer panel.



Step 4 - At this stage, they needed to remove the front and did so by taking off the grille, then the headlights, and then the fender liners.



One quick smoothing process for the rear of the top edge and the truck is ready to welcome its new bedsides.


Step 5 - The new bedsides are then mounted on and secured with bolts. Finally, the panels are temporarily removed to add the custom paint, and then put back onto the truck.



Now, the truck is ready to impress even more at SEMA.

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