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How to get your pickup truck ready for camping


Experiencing life on the road, right in the wilderness, is a dream of many. A Pickup Truck is a great way to explore all that this amazing country has to offer - it’s got all the space you need to store your essentials and its build makes it easy to get through the Off-road without struggles. Let’s have a look at how you can best prepare to have the Pickup Camping Trip of a lifetime.



Tips to prepare for camping with your pickup truck

1. Leave the RV behind - Instead of making your truck work by just hauling an RV alongside the road, make your pickup the star for your adventure. This allows you to be more flexible with your route and means that you're free to go as into the wild as you like.


2. Decide where to sleep - You can’t start traveling anywhere before you plan where you’ll be sleeping. If you’ve already got a canopy in your truck, then that’s the beginning of your temporary bed. Alternatively, there’s the classic tent which can be easily carried around in the Truck Bed. If instead, you want more comfort, slide-in campers are perfect for that. Regarding mattresses, we recommend that you look into a standard one if you have space to leave it in the back or otherwise a blowup if you’re concerned about limited space.


3. Keep your stuff safe - Another important thing you should consider is how you can safely store your things. A raised platform is the best way to store your sleeping equipment. Make sure that you have a truck bed cover to protect everything when it’s not in use and have locking mechanisms to secure it when you drive.


4. Prepare for emergencies - You never know what the wilderness could have in store for you, and on the road, you have no certainties that you’ll always find what you need at your next stop. The number one priority is to have enough power that you can keep all of your important devices working. We recommend you set up a dual battery to the alternator in your truck, as this would allow you to keep them charged when you drive and to recharge all you need when you’re still. 


5. Stock up on essentials - Besides all of your camping equipment and food, you gotta make sure to pack all of the essentials that might come in handy on different potential occasions. These include things like jumper cables, bear spray, auto repair kit, and more.



That’s all, now you’re ready to take on the open road. Go enjoy being face to face with nature! Got your extra truck protection ready? Grab a protective & badass bumper from our top brands, find the best one via our Ultimate Bumper Guide. If you need any advice or got any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.




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