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How to hit a deer safely with your truck

How to hit a deer safely with your truck

Most American truck drivers will be familiar with the hassle of hitting deers when you’re out there driving off-road. Thankfully, there are a few things you can try to make this experience less of a bother and get back on track in a snap. We’re going to look at this eventuality both from the point of view of protecting your truck and of protecting yourself.


How to protect yourself


Knowing what to do when a deer comes out of nowhere and hits your truck, could be life-saving. Here’s how you can prevent any injuries:


Avoid swerving- It might sound counterintuitive as anyone’s first instinct would be to just swerve away from this pest, but by doing so, your truck might end up headfirst into a tree or just generally cause a bigger accident. It’s always better to just drive ahead and deal with that hit than to risk something bigger.


Watch out for traffic- Hitting your brakes isn’t always your best option, if you’re going fast and know that it will make you lose control of your truck, it’s better that you just carry on ahead rather than suddenly stop. Especially if you have traffic behind you and risk causing a series of accidents by doing so.


Don’t go faster- While we recommend you keep going, don’t do it by speeding up. That’s often done to avoid more damage to the truck but realistically, it won’t always work and might just cause you more injury.


How to protect your truck


Now that you know how to keep yourself safe in an encounter with a deer, let’s look at how you can keep your trusty road companion away from potential damages:


Be prepared- While deer encounters can possibly happen all year long, it’s good to remember that you’re more likely to bump into them in fall and winter, usually from October through December. This fact can help you be more prepared for potential deer accidents.


Drive carefully at night- If you notice any signs that warn you of the presence of deer and it’s nighttime, take extra care with your driving as that makes them even harder to spot. Take advantage of your high beams for better visibility and avoid any distractions. 




Get yourself a heavy-duty bumper- Ultimately, the best way to defend your truck from deer is to get a badass bumper that’s not afraid to take a beating. Especially since your best bet is always to drive straight ahead for your own protection. However, make sure you go for an aftermarket bumper as the classic stock one will simply not survive this collision. The durability of the first can not only reduce the impact but sometimes even leave you without a scratch. They were born to suppress any hits and leave your front intact, especially if you get a grille guard on top. This option keeps both you and the truck safe from deer.

Don’t take any chances, check out our Ultimate Bumper Guide to figure out today which aftermarket bumper is the best for your truck. Once you’ve got that bad boy on, no deer will be able to make a dent on your beast of a truck. Got any questions? You can always get in touch via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.  

If you’re looking to revamp your truck beyond just the bumpers and are in need of some high-quality truck accessories, then we recommend you check out our pals at realtruck.com who will get you sorted with anything you need.


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