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How to Install a Snow Plow on your truck by yourself

How to Install a Snow Plow on your truck by yourself

Ready for a challenge? How to Install a Snow Plow on your truck by yourself


Truck owners living in chilly parts of the country are familiar with the challenges that snow can bring to driving. If you’re tired of relying on others around the neighborhood to get around snowy roads, and also like the idea of helping out the community at the same time, then why not giving a snow plow a try?


Luckily, you don’t need to head over to a mechanic to get this helpful tool added to your Chevy Silverado. As long as you pick a hitch-mounted non-commercial snow plow, you can easily add it on by yourself. Here’s how you can do it, and note that this guide should apply to pretty much any truck, whether you drive a Ford Series, Dodge Ram, or else, you can still follow it.


A step-by-step guide to installing a snow plow by yourself


Tools- Everything you need to mount the snow plow with a hitch are its hardware pieces such as bolts, nuts, bolt plates, and fish wire. Also keep at hand any extra tools that may have been provided when you bought the plow.

1st Step- Once you’ve got the tools, you can start by passing the bolt through one of the bolt plates and attaching the fish wire to its end.


2nd Step- Next, you’ll want to get that fish wire through the hole above the sway bar bushing, in the exposed end of the frame. Pull that wire to get the bolt and plate into place, and make sure it’s very well pulled before going to the next step.


3rd Step- Now, you need to get that same wire through the mounting tab’s hole in the receiver hitch.


4th Step- Pull the bolt through both the frame and hitch mounting holes and when these sides are installed, you can tighten everything together with either a wrench and socket or impact driver.


5th Step- At this point, carefully tighten the mounting nut, making sure you avoid pushing the bolt back as you do it.


6th Step- Do the same on the other side of your truck’s front, and then tighten all hardware with the same tools you previously used.


7th Step- Finally, you can install the plow mounting bar into the receiver, ensuring that you also use all hitch-fastening hardware that came with the plow.


That’s all! If you opted for an electrically controlled plow, check your instructions as there may be some differences in the process but otherwise you can simply follow this guide to get the job done.


Now that your truck is ready to face the snow, is it also prepared to tackle all the unexpected dangers of the on and off-road? Find peace of mind with the perfect front and/or rear bumper, check out our Ultimate Truck Bumper Guide to discover the right match to your truck.


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