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How to stand out at SEMA with a total truck transformation

How to stand out at SEMA with a total truck transformation

If you plan to take part in a top trade show like SEMA, you know that you can’t just show up with any old truck. You’re going there to impress and show off the beast you drive, and Chris Von Ritter had clear plans in mind to do the same. He only had 3 weeks to transform his ’13 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 4x4 into something truly unique that he could show off at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.


The rules specifically said that he had to attend with a truck that was like no other ones at SEMA, and he knew that there would be a huge number of trucks hugely transformed by their drivers present at that show. The challenge was on, and Chris also gave himself another one by deciding to solely use US-made parts.


As the CEO of CVR Customs, he was no stranger to truck transformations and delved straight into it by taking off the bed, front end, and suspension from the Ram. Those old pieces that made the truck look like any other were swapped with badass upgrades and accessories that gave it a cool pre-runner look.


For the bumpers, Chris opted for Addictive Desert Designs at both the rear and front, adding both protection and toughness to the overall appearance. Addictive Desert Designs was also the brand used for the tire carriers, with Fiberwerx for fenders and bedsides. To give it a stunning shine over the white paint, he used some 40 percent gloss paint. While the ram-air hood is a fiberglass RKSport one and the onboard air system is a Viair Ultra Duty.

The front is also well-prepared to deal with driving into the darkest of nights with a great number of lighting options added to the truck: two Bulldog LED Lighting double row 50-in on the roof, four Bulldog LED Lighting 2-in Spike at the front and rear bumpers, two Bulldog LED Lighting double row 40-in also added to the front and even a modified projector headlamps with HID bulbs.


The result didn’t fail to impress, and everything was successfully put together within the 3 weeks timeframe. At SEMA, it didn’t take long for this truck to attract a crowd at the Bulldog LED Lighting booth. This was just the start for this Ram, as Chris continues to work on making new exciting modifications to it and plans to drive it over the sand dunes of Pismo.


Tempted to follow his steps and work on transforming your truck but not sure where to start? However much or little you decide to edit your vehicle, it’s always good to prepare it to face all kinds of hurdles of the road. That’s why we recommend you start by picking the right front and rear bumpers, a decision made easier by our Ultimate Bumper Guide. Check it out to easily find whichever type of bumper works best for your truck. Still unsure? Our customer service team is always happy to help out, just shoot us a message via live chat or call us on 281-404-2124.


(Original story published by trucktrend.com - http://www.trucktrend.com/cool-trucks/1503-2013-ram-3500-mega-cab-von-ritters-vision/ )

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