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Introducing the ADD Bomber Bumper Series

Introducing the ADD Bomber Bumper Series

Addictive Desert Designs is a leader in the development of the toughest accessories for trucks available in the market. Their love and knowledge of the desert have helped them create some impressive products that since 2007 have become an American favorite of many drivers. Off-road enthusiasts can’t get enough of them and their drive for innovation is what encourages them to keep raising the bar on quality, style, and performance over the years.


Now, they are ready to welcome another badass bumper series that will especially complement the Ford Super Duty and Ford Raptor trucks but also work as a great bumper for Chevy, GMC, and RAM. Try it for its ultimate combo of form and function.


Aggressive in design


Enjoy a modern plate steel design that perfectly matches the unique design of any classic truck, adding an even more aggressive look that lets everyone on the road know that you fear nothing. Featuring a full 3/16" aluminum skid plate that keeps things lightweight while still guaranteeing superior protection. Finished with a classy hammer or satin black powder coat for the ultimate modern design and total resistance to potential damage.


Unbeatable strength


Proudly American, this bumper series fears nothing that the off-road might throw at it. Its reinforced clevis mounts are bolted right onto the frame to give you a whole other level of extra protection, while also supplying a mounting point for 3/4" D-rings. The perfect bumper for drivers that are looking to get through anything the world might chuck at them without being dragged down by the extra weight of heavier bumpers. No amount of deer or other wild animals will be able to cause any damage to its skid plate, leaving you untouched as you drive by anything on the road.


Plenty of lighting options


This Bomber bumper series comes in three varieties you can choose from, based on which style and type of lighting options you prefer. Are you the kind of driver that thinks quality is better than quantity? Then the bumper with two 20’’ light bar mounts might be the best option for you. If you’re the opposite, you might prefer the Bomber bumper with 4 rigid 360 6’’ light mounts, or focus the lighting all in the center with the 3 Baja designs LP6 light mounts. There is no right or wrong answer, whichever is best depends on your preferences and needs. Looking for more than that? Enjoy additional cube light mounts on both sides of your bumper with no issues.


When it comes to OEM, this bumper series can retain both parking sensors and tow hooks while the rear bumpers also retain the blind spot modules. For installation, it can be fully and easily bolted on with no complications.


Curious to find out if the Bomber bumper series by ADD is the right bumper series for your truck? Our customer service team is always happy to advise you on any purchase, feel free to contact us on 281-404-2124 or via the live chat or email, and we'll answer any questions you might have about this product and others.

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1107 reviews

This is definitely HD. Solid construction, looks great. I ordered the bumper and took it to shop for them to install so can't advise about the ease of installation. Deer beware, this bumper wont bend.

It is working

The bumper fit and went on pretty easily. It is doing what it is supposed to do. I thought the price was better than with other companies when we shopped. Thank you.

Nice, High Quality Bumper!

I was really pleased with the appearance of the bumper upon arrival. The welds look good as well as the iron cross letters and symbol. Even though I did think the finish looked good, I coated the bumper with bed liner material. In Michigan the salt used in the winter is hard on powder coated items. I would not have done this if I lived in a warmer climate.

The bumper is built a little heavy than I expected but I love it . I’ve got people asking about it all the time and it really improved the look of my truck. And y’all were really easy to deal with.

Rear Bumper

Bumper looks great and fits perfect.

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