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Is a winch something you need?

Is a winch something you need?


Choosing the best recovery equipment for your vehicle is similar to selecting a 4WD. To start, you must understand where you are going, the conditions, and what you expect to do when you’re there. Then you’ll need to get the equipment most suitable for your excursion I tend to bring a lot of equipment with me, mainly because I have been stuck in situations where I didn’t have something I needed. It’s incredibly frustrating, so I tend to take a lot with me and it usually works out really well. Why get a winch? A lot of people want to get a power winch. Probably because they look great on the front of the vehicle. Solid reason, but they are also a very effective method getting unstuck. Of course, there are always additional factors to consider; one being the anchor you yank yourself out with. When you do get stuck, it is Murphy’s Law that it will be at the worst place. At the worst possible time. Somewhere desolate where there are no trees, or one just out of reach of your winch wire!


The Extra Gear

This is why it’s a good idea to have a worthwhile ground anchor, extension straps, and winch kit. Your tool box is starting to fill up already!  

The Winch Kit

A winch kit is an additional item that enables you to properly use the useful piece of equipment on the front of the vehicle, safely.


It contains:

 A tree strap: avoid killing the tree you use as an anchor or damaging the wire.

 A pulley block: lessens the load on the winch or increases pulling power.

 Heavy duty gloves.

 Shackles to connect everything safely

 A tree strap: avoid killing the tree you use as an anchor or damaging the wire.

 A pulley block: lessens the load on the winch or increases pulling power.

 Heavy duty gloves.

 Shackles to connect everything safely

Finger saver: A bent rod to feed the wire onto the spool, protecting your finger from the fairlead (the rollers on the winch).



Are a good idea. Dampeners are blankets that lie over the wire in case it breaks. Wires can break under extreme tension and when they do, they can fly all over the place causing horrific injuries up to decapitation.

Powerful Batteries

The winch battery should be a major consideration. Most vehicles you require a winch that can safely pull in the region of 3-4 tons. An electric motor (the draws a great deal of power from the battery. The last thing you want after surveying the area, finding the right tree, hooking everything up, double checking it, and begging to pull is for the power to go out halfway through. For this reason, make sure you have ample power to divert to the winch for when it is time to make things happen.

A Winch Bumper / Bull Bar

Winches require special bumpers or a bull bar to fit to the vehicle. Keep in mind that the approach angle while driving. When off roading, the front part of the vehicle carrying this rather costly equipment is more subject to damage.  

Upgraded Suspension

With all this heavy weight at the front of the vehicle, the front springs will most likely begin to sag more quickly and lowering your approach angle further. We always suggest outfitting your ride with a pair of heavy shocks that can handle this added weight.


Do You Really Need A Winch?

For the everyday 4WD driver, uninterested in going out and getting muddy on the weekend or not working in a harsh environment I’d say a winch might not be something you need. However, if you’re working in an environment where there is risk of getting stuck in the rainy season or have specific work related needs for it such as pulling out stumps and shrubs, just make sure you’re getting what sort of winch and equipment you need.

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1107 reviews

This is definitely HD. Solid construction, looks great. I ordered the bumper and took it to shop for them to install so can't advise about the ease of installation. Deer beware, this bumper wont bend.

It is working

The bumper fit and went on pretty easily. It is doing what it is supposed to do. I thought the price was better than with other companies when we shopped. Thank you.

Nice, High Quality Bumper!

I was really pleased with the appearance of the bumper upon arrival. The welds look good as well as the iron cross letters and symbol. Even though I did think the finish looked good, I coated the bumper with bed liner material. In Michigan the salt used in the winter is hard on powder coated items. I would not have done this if I lived in a warmer climate.

The bumper is built a little heavy than I expected but I love it . I’ve got people asking about it all the time and it really improved the look of my truck. And y’all were really easy to deal with.

Rear Bumper

Bumper looks great and fits perfect.

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