Leading The Way: Magnum Bumpers by ICI

Leading The Way: Magnum Bumpers by ICI


If you want only the latest and greatest upgrades for your Ford Raptor, a Magnum Bumper might be for you. It’s one of the latest models to come from ICI (Innovative Creations Inc.), one of the Top Truck Accessories manufacturer in the U.S.A.

These Raptor Bumpers don’t just feature the build quality you’ve come to expect from ICI. They’re no slouch in both the features and looks department either. The Magnum is designed to make the most of your vehicle with no need for any compromises.


Built Tough, Made in the U.S.A.

A bumper’s primary job is to protect your vehicle. Whether you’re driving down the highway or taking your truck off-road, it has to be able to do that job well. This is why Heavy Duty Bumpers exist - because stock bumpers just don’t cut it where there’s no pavement. And this Ford Raptor Bumper will meet those requirements and more.

The ICI Magnum is made of 1/4” steel for the mounting brackets and 1/8” steel for the exterior shell. It’s tough enough to handle any challenge that an off-road enthusiast will throw at it. After all, this bumper was designed with their needs in mind.


Understated Looks, Lasting Performance

Just because it’s made tough doesn’t mean a bumper will lack style. Those two qualities can happily coexist with a Ford Raptor Custom bumper such as this one.

The bumper is powder coated in a matte black finish which also resists corrosion. This is especially necessary with all the mud and dirt your truck will be subjected to.

With lines that blend in perfectly with the vehicle’s profile, the Magnum doesn’t draw attention to itself. Instead, it enhances the appearance of your truck by giving it a style that’s unique but understated.


More Features, Less Hassle

ICI Magnum Bumpers Manufacturing

The integration with the original design allows the vehicle to make use of all its features. This includes the adaptive cruise control and other sensors. There’s no need to buy additional brackets that can complicate the installation or even change the behavior of these devices.

ICI Magnum Bumpers Manufacturing ICI Magnum Bumpers Manufacturing

This Ford Raptor Front Bumper comes with built-in mounting for the adaptive cruise control module. It’s hidden behind removable panels on the bumper itself for protection and ease of installation. The position of the mount also keeps the module in OEM location so as not to interfere with its operation.


Superior Protection, both Front and Rear

The Magnum series isn’t just for protecting the front of your vehicle. There’s also a matching Rear Bumper available to give your truck a uniform look from all sides.

Like the front bumper model, it’s made of the same heavy duty cold rolled steel. Similar to the front bumper model as well, it comes with an OEM fit for easy installation without having to do any modifications to the frame of your vehicle.

Keeping with the theme of making the most of the features of your truck, the Magnum rear bumper is compatible with the OEM back-up sensors and cross-traffic sensors, and exhaust. You get to enjoy all the same conveniences with the added benefits of a tough and stylish replacement bumper.


Everything You Need, No Compromises

ICI Magnum Bumpers Manufacturing

While being able to keep all the existing features of your truck is great, what about the non-standard add-ons? The ICI Magnum has you covered.

The front bumper model is available in two versions: one with an Integrated Light Bar Mount and one without. As for the rear bumper model, it is also available in two versions: one with Cutouts for KC Back-up Lights and one without. With the Magnum bumpers, style doesn’t limit functionality.

It’s no question why these are one of the most popular Ford Raptor Bumpers around. With thoughtful design, superior quality, and integrated features, they’re definitely worth checking out.

If you’re still on the fence on which bumper to pick for your truck, our team of experts would be happy to help you out. Get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you don’t just get a bumper that fits your vehicle, but one that also fits your needs.

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