LEX Offroad: Small But Fierce

LEX Offroad: Small But Fierce


Luxury Extreme or LEX Offroad may not be the most well-known name in the bumper market right now, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. LEX is specifically known for their Ford Raptor Bumpers, a favorite among those looking to take their trucks off the pavement and out onto the sand and dust.

LEX is all about adventure. Here at BumperOnly, we have a broad selection of LEX Bumpers for you to choose from. But if you’re not sure if this is the right manufacturer for you, we’re Here to help.



LEX offers the reliability and quality you’ve come to expect from a big brand manufacturer while maintaining its status as one of the smaller aftermarket parts companies. Their manufacturing facility operates out of Mesa, Arizona. And with a team that has 15 years of combined experience, they’re no strangers to revamping rides!

LEX focuses on design and innovation when it comes to creating their products. Everything is always hand built in the U.S. and made especially to fit your vehicle as perfectly as possible.



One of the benefits of LEX being on the smaller side is that their prices do not reach the levels that bigger companies often do. You can still treat yourself to that F150 Off-road Bumper you’ve been wanting, without having to empty your savings account to do so.

Sometimes, less is better. Why pay extra for a name or flashy logo when you can still provide your truck with the highest quality bumper at a fraction of the cost? LEX uses topnotch materials for their bumpers without making you bear the extra cost. More money saved is more money to spend on future upgrades!



Another excellent feature courtesy of LEX Bumpers is that their marketing is not embellished on the grill or other surfaces of their products in the same method that larger manufacturers often employ. Instead, that Raptor Front Bumper you purchase comes with the option to have the LEX logo hidden, decreased in size, or even replaced with a custom logo of your own.

Get the look you want without having to take whatever name some big manufacturer puts on their product. With LEX, it’s about you and not about the parts you put on your truck. This company puts your needs before their own.       



The available customizations do not end with the logo, however. LEX has individuality and modifications in mind when designing their bumpers. With LEX, if you can imagine it, chances are you can add it to your truck with their products.

LEX Offroad Bumpers Manufacturing

They put out an awesome Ford Raptor Winch Bumper and most of their bumpers have the option for a winch mount plate available in case you ever find yourself needing to pull something. Additionally, you have the option of adding a shackle mount or holes for Fog Lights. The possibilities are practically endless with LEX, so feel free to get creative!



Something that really makes LEX stand out is how short their lead time is. Unlike some manufacturers, a bumper from LEX has an average lead time of only 7 to 10 days. No need to wait week after week to have your custom bumper made.

Even with such a short lead time, you get excellent craftsmanship. As mentioned earlier, all their products are hand built in Arizona, so you never have to wonder who really made your skid plate or whether it’s as strong as the company claims it is.



LEX Offroad Bumpers Manufacturing

LEX specializes in off-road bumpers for Ford trucks and a lot of their products are geared toward those who use their vehicle to race. As such, the bumpers you will see designed by LEX often feature a high clearance or lightweight build but without compromising on durability. These bumpers are stylish and heavy-duty too. Enjoy the thrill of racing through the desert without the stress of damaging your vehicle or yourself.



What truly sets LEX apart from its competitors is the company’s dedication to its customers. This is something they continually prove through customer service and interactions in general. If you have a problem, LEX offers a genuine apology and seeks to resolve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible. No memorized responses, no brushing a problem aside, and no offering a small discount just to smooth things over.

That kind of loyalty and consideration truly goes a long way. LEX cares about their customers and it shows. Go with a company that ensures your best interests are in mind. That’s what LEX Offroad is all about.

Interested in decking your truck out but not so interested in seeing a lot of numbers after the dollar sign? Then check out our selection of LEX Offroad Bumpers. If you need any assistance, our team is always ready to lend a hand. We’ll help you find the perfect bumper from this manufacturer that proves size isn’t everything.

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