Matching the right Winch with the right Winch-ready bumper

Matching the right Winch with the right Winch-ready bumper

Winches and winch-ready bumpers go hand in hand as an essential that most truck drivers need. So how do you make sure that you get the right winch and how do you find the right bumper to go with it?


The Warn ZEON Winch


This type of Winch is designed to tackle everything you might need to do, with an advanced look that’s here to impress. Its stainless steel hardware resists corrosion, combined with an automatic mechanical brake that holds the full-rated load and offers great control when winching. The aluminum drum design is great to ensure less wear on the rope while the three-stage planetary gear train maximizes the winch line speed as you minimize the strain on your charging system.


What if it doesn’t fit?

Here are a few things you need to take into consideration when you’re about to purchase your ZEON winch:


-       The Warn ZEON Winch is quite a tall winch, as such you might need to also get a ZEON control box relocation kit (89960). Something that you also need when you need to mount it to your bumper.

-       If you have an Iron Cross bumper, remember that the winch you choose should be under 9.5 inches tall to fit. So, once you got your winch ready to use, which kind of bumper do ya need to have everything you need at once?


Ranch Hand Sport Winch Bumpers


The sport series from one of the biggest bumper brands, Ranch Hand, is a great option if you’re not worried about spending a few extra bucks for a premium quality product. This type of bumper has been master crafted from ¼” formed channel and diamond plate steel to get the best protection without feeling like your vehicle has been weighed down by the added bumper. They come with a winch mount that can welcome a winch that can haul up to 15K lbs. Plus, they have a pretty badass appearance.


Iron Cross HD Winch Bumpers


This renowned bumper brand offers some great Winch-ready options in its HD series. These cool-looking bumpers can accept a winch that hauls up to 12.5K lbs and are made from 2” diameter push bar. They are laser cut to precision and designed to stay lightweight and prevent any suspension fatigue.


Fab Fours Premium Winch Bumpers


This series from Fab Fours is truly premium and it’s a great option for a Winch-ready bumper. They are designed to welcome winches that haul up to 10K lbs or less and are great to get some extra tire clearance on top of the standard extra protection. They also give you a fantastic custom fit thanks to their 2-piece mounting system.


Hammerhead Winch Bumpers


This other beloved bumper brand offers a few options from different series for Winch-ready bumpers, varying in the weight they can haul with winches (from 10K lbs to 12K lbs). One thing that doesn’t change is the quality of the materials and the guarantee that these bumpers are ready to stand up to the punishment of on-road and off-road driving. They are reinforced to offer extra strength and are available in a variety of badass designs.


Improve your protection and truck appearance today with the addition of the right Winch-ready bumper. Check out our Ultimate Bumper Guide to get started, or contact our customer service team via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124 to get any advice or help.

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