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Meet the Fab Fours Project Trucks


Enter the badass world of Fab Fours Trucks, these beasts have been designed to turn heads around and intimidate anyone and anything on the road. This brand is all about innovation and taking risks - building Jeeps that no other companies have made before, with the latest 3D design software.


  The Kymera


Meet the truck that has no time for perfect proportions and sleek design - this one is all about being big, low, wide, and having all the power needed to get you anywhere. The tires are quite impressive, they’re 405/70 R20, and are so big you can’t ignore them. While the chopped top is iconic and makes you stand out from any other vehicle. Beyond the aesthetics, you get huge suspension travel and massive drivetrain strength.


The Daylighter


A more ‘old school’ truck, still unique in its own way but less flashy. Their 20’’ custom wheels are imposing in design and perfect to get you anywhere off the road. If you’re a big fan of the classic Ford F-350 long bed then you’ll appreciate Fab Fours keeping this feature in as part of this design. This beast also comes with an aggressive and quality Fab Fours bumper from the Premium series.


The Mall Assault


Next up, is a truck that couldn’t be further away from the words ‘classic’ and ‘traditional’. One look at this design and you can tell how passionate the Fab Fours team actually is about innovation, bringing to life something truly radical and unique. It’s the ideal companion to face the Off-road, with a quality tactical armor and mall crawling style.


The Legend


Definitely legendary in design, this truck took some risks and came out of it successfully. They heard what Americans want loud and clear and turned that feedback into the ideal vehicle. This is described as a ‘glimpse of the future’ and what a badass future that would be. You get some incredible 24x12 American Force Hyper FP8 wheels that not only add to the aggressive look, they will drive through anything.


The Legend 2. WHOA


We can confidently say that Fab Fours fear no challenge and after the success of the Legend, they decided to come up with another, a sequel to that iconic truck. They’re always listening to what their American customers have to say, and this truck is the alternate option to the previous legend. Just as good but with a different design, green with the envy of all other drivers that see this bad boy on the road.


The Krypton


Another impressive design idea brought to life, Krypton is a monster truck that stands out and delivers the goods. This one gives you incredible suspension, with an impressive height offered by the Motor Metal M0962 22″x14″ wheels. It just goes showing how much you can do with a classic design like the Ford F-350 when you have no fear to be innovative and take risks.

These are the impressive designs that Fab Fours has brought to light with their creativity and expertise. Which one is your favorite?

Curious to implement some Fab Fours Accessoriesinto your vehicle but not sure where to start? You can always contact us via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124 and we’ll be happy to advise you on what’s best for you.

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