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Off-Road Trucks and Bumpers at SEMA 2017



Every year toward the middle of Autumn, car and truck enthusiasts alike flock to Las Vegas for the Specialty Equipment Market Association’s annual trade show, better known as SEMA. Like those before, 2017’s show was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 31 st through November 3 rd.

SEMA is devoted to those car and truck owners who love modifying or accessorizing their vehicles. These enthusiasts thrive at SEMA, both those who display their work proudly and those simply want to spectate, appreciating the efforts and ingenuity of the masterminds behind such incredible creations. The show is also an opportunity for companies specializing in aftermarket vehicle parts to show off their goods as well, giving consumers an eyeful of new ways to customize their prized possessions.


Trucks All Around

In a show usually dominated by classics turned modern masterpieces, trucks—newer models at that—tipped the scales this year in an unexpected but welcomed turn of events. It’s clear that more and more modification lovers are recognizing the potential trucks have to become works of art that can get you from point A to point B, and look good doing it.


Ford Still Going Strong

Off-Road Trucks and Bumpers at SEMA 2017 Manufacturing

Ford owned the show this year by bringing home awards for both its Focus models and line of F-Series trucks. This marks the seventh time the F-Series has won the Hottest Truck award - an especially impressive feat considering the award has only existed for eight years.The Raptor, in particular, turned heads this year, offering numerous opportunities for variation and personalization.

Ford Raptor Bumpers were accounted for and caught eyes left and right. The truck suits both those looking for a beast to take off-road and buyers wanting a vehicle they can soup up and show off on the streets.


Aftermarket Bumper Highlights

Off-Road Trucks and Bumpers at SEMA 2017 Manufacturing  

In addition to car manufacturers and aficionados of the modification variety, many companies prepared exhibits for this show. Displaying their various products, such as aftermarket car or truck parts, they aim to pique the interest of those already planning their next purchase.


Steelcraft’s Jeep Bumpers

Off-Road Trucks and Bumpers at SEMA 2017 Manufacturing

One big reveal—or rather two—came courtesy of Steelcraft. The company unveiled not one, but two new bumpers for Wranglers. Jeep owners rejoice!

These Off-road Truck Bumpers are strong and offer several options, all of which can turn your vehicle into an awe-inspiring metal work of art. The Front Bumper can handle an LED Light Bar as well as winch capabilities without sacrificing the use of factory Fog Lights. Both offer the utmost protection from gravel and debris while still maintaining a sleek look that begs to be seen.


Body Armor 4x4’s HitchGlide and Eco Bumpers

Off-Road Trucks and Bumpers at SEMA 2017 Manufacturing

Body Armor had its share of prowess displayed this year as well. They boasted an all-new skid system aptly named the HitchGlide. It attaches via the hitch receiver and serves as both a skid plate and step for accessing the bed of the truck—an intriguing and efficient combination.

Body Armor also displayed the second generation of Eco bumpers for the latest F-150 model. It has an intimidating look designed with high-clearance wings on both sides and several lighting options. Underneath the bumper sits a skid plate to further protect both truck and driver against the odds.


Rogue Racing’s Ford Raptor Bumpers

Off-Road Trucks and Bumpers at SEMA 2017 Manufacturing

Ford had a handful of trucks decked out in various aftermarket parts and given paint jobs to match the level of attention and personality adhered to their non-factory additions. One truck, known as Project SD126, presents itself in bright orange and black, sporting a Rogue Racing Ford F250 Front Bumper and Rear Bumper combo. Most of Rogue Racing’s efforts this year focused on the Ford Raptor, homing in on their ability to create durable products for off-road use.


Addictive Desert Designs’ Stealth Fighter

Off-Road Trucks and Bumpers at SEMA 2017 Manufacturing

Addictive Desert Designs also used the Raptor to showcase their product line, demonstrating the appeal of an aftermarket Super Duty Bumper. The Stealth Fighter, a new bumper model from ADD, took center stage at their booth this year. It’s perfect for an F-150 ready to take a step up into the world of Custom Heavy Duty Trucks. This bumper series offers a heavy load of grit and toughness but also allows for further modifications while maintaining its sleek and low-profile status.

Several other manufacturers set up booths at this year’s exhibition, such as Fusion, Ranch Hand, Westin, N-Fab, and Iron Cross.


The Trends Favor Trucks

Trucks are becoming more and more popular each year. With that rise in desirability comes also a craving for truck parts and other customization options. Gone are the days when trucks were reserved only for those men and women who ran farms or adhered to other lifestyles that required a vehicle with the same capabilities.

In today’s world, trucks are bulked-up, buffed-out, and all around customized to the max. Aftermarket Bumpers are one of the first parts a truck-owner buys—or wishes they did after buying something else.

Modifying your car or truck is all about standing out; a hard task when your truck looks the same as everyone else’s. SEMA 2017 was an overall success and an especially tremendous achievement for truck lovers all over.

Look forward to the same looks and dependability of the trucks displayed at the show when you get yourself a new bumper. Stand tall. Stand out.

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