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Our Best-selling Pre-runner Bumpers


Racing reaches another level when you throw the dangers of the off-road into the mix. Before any off-road race kicks off, it’s vital that a brave driver gets out there and tests the route himself. To do that, they drive what is known as a ‘Pre runner’, a type of truck that can face any terrain and that races over the course before anyone else.


To get out of that successfully intact, your truck needs all the protection it can get. That's where the bumpers come in, giving you the level of defense you’re looking for. Find out which are our best selling Pre runner bumpers.


Iron Cross Hardline Series


Low in profile but high in strength, these Hardline Bumpers offer a Pre-runner bar that is welded straight onto the front of your bumper, meaning that even your grille gets some extra protection. Finished with a stylish matte black powder coat, they are ready to resist anything that off-road terrain can have in store for you alongside preventing potential corrosion.


Fab Fours Pre runner Bumpers ( Vengeance & Premium Winch)


Fab Fours is another that offers some great options for your Pre runner truck. If you’re looking for something lightweight but powerful, their Vengeance Bumper series is a fantastic option to get the best of both worlds. Premium steel material combined with a sleek black powder coat finish. Get a great look and the extra protection you need, provided with increased airflow and sensor compatibility.


If instead, you need the addition of winch capacity, then the Fab Fours Premium bumper series is your best alternative. These bad boys accommodate Winches up to 16,500 lbs with a Pre-runner Guard that is both stylish and functional. Enjoy increased tire clearance and premium powder-coat from these 3/16" steel bumpers.


Hammerhead Armor


This top brand offers a series of Pre-runner Bumpers that can perfectly fit your needs and preferences. Their bumpers were born to face the toughest off-road paths, made out of powerful 3/16" plate steel and reinforced for extra strength while staying light. The Pre-runner brushguard was crafted out of 1.75″ x 0.120″ wall tubing and finished with a stylish 2-stage black powder coat. The ideal combination of solid materials with an aggressive appearance.




Perfect for the off-road, the TrailReady Bumpers with a Pre-runner guard are tough to scratch and highly functional. They offer an impressive heavy-duty 1/4" steel sub-frame combined with a massive 3 1/2" tube grill guard. Featuring unique frame mounts that allow you to adjust your bumper to find the perfect fit. Enjoy its large airflow and accommodate winches of up to 16,500 lbs pulling power.


Road Armor Stealth Pre-runner


The Stealth Series by Road Armor is made out of 3/16 inch Heavy Duty Steel with a 1/4 inch gusseting and internal bracketry, these bad boys can take any hit and are here to prove it. The precision used to craft them is clear at a first look, appearing both strong and stylish with its premium 5-stage satin black powder-coat. These bumpers welcome a Winch up to 12000 lbs and a variety of lighting options.


Still unsure on which Pre-runner bumper to get? Our customer service team is always available to advise you on your purchase. Feel free to contact us via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


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