Powder coating: the top choice for serious truck owners

Powder coating: the top choice for serious truck owners


After spending hours looking at Heavy Duty Truck Bumpers, you finally have your decision narrowed down. Great! The next step is determining what type of coat you want to be applied to the bumper.

Custom bumpers are built on the idea of durability and that’s why they’re made of steel. But durability doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. This is the reason most of the bumpers we offer come in either a black powder coated finish or a raw steel finish.

Black pairs well with almost any color so all you have to do is install it on your truck. With the raw finish, you can have it coated with any color you want later on so it perfectly matches your vehicle.

If you choose a raw finish option, it’s still a good idea to have it powder coated in the color you want. Because of both the looks and protection it offers, powder coating has become a popular choice among serious truck owners.


Why Choose Powder Coating?

You want something that will stand the test of time and fend off any unwanted rock or debris from marring the appearance of your truck. Winch Bumpers take a lot of damage given the usage they are designed for. Operations requiring off-road excursions and pulling heavy loads are likely to send stone and grit flying up at the bumper.

Powder coating can withstand these requirements better than regular paint options. It’s a smart choice for anyone looking to retain their vehicle’s aesthetic in the long run.

While some might prefer the ease or low cost of spray-on paints or other coating techniques, they end up paying extra later to retouch the paint. Some may even need completely new coats applied. These paints can chip rather easily when struck by rocks or other debris which also makes the bumper more susceptible to rusting.

Because powder coating is a dry-coat process that doesn’t involve releasing harmful pollutants into the air, it is more environment-friendly compared to other paint types. So, if going green is something you’re proud of, powder coating is likely your best option. Fewer chemicals in the atmosphere and less mess overall—it’s a win-win!


How Is It Applied?

Preparation is a big component with powder coating. That’s also one of the main reasons it should be handled by experienced professionals. It requires several special tools to complete the process as well as a large oven big enough to fit whatever it is that needs to be powder coated.

The metal is first freed of any debris and all oil is removed from the surface using a chemical bath. It is then cleaned and dried before applying the powder coat.

Applying it involves charging the powder particles as they are sprayed onto the part and then heating them so they adhere fully to the desired material. The curing process needs about thirty minutes after finalization before the part can be touched, moved or installed. That’s only 2% of the time it takes normal paint to dry.


How Does Powder Coating Stack Up?


Compared to Normal Paint

The differences here are abundant. Normal paint doesn’t have the same type of durability as powder coating nor does it offer a similar level of protection.

Applying normal paint is applied in admittedly easier and does not have as high a cost, but normal paint can be scraped away with ease. A rock or collision will definitely end up chipped off paint that needs to be redone.


Compared to Bed Liner

Bed liner material is strong; this much is undeniable. Why else would it be used in truck beds where damage is most likely to be sustained?

However, many believe that Custom Bumpers do not have the same aesthetic appeal when coated with bed liner spray. The physical difference is visibly jarring as the textures and finishes between the vehicle and a bed liner coated bumper is significantly different.

Bed liner may provide a similar level of protection as powder coating but it can still be damaged with enough force.


Compared to Line-X

The two most common coating choices most truck owners decide between are powder coating and Line-X. The latter combines the concepts of a spray-on bed liner and paint, offering a combination that offers protection and variety in color or sheen.

Many will say that Line-X is more visually appealing given the smoother texture and variety of colors available. However, it doesn’t hold up against impact or sharp rocks as well as powder coating.And considering the price of Line-X installation, retouches won’t come cheap.

Here at BumperOnly, we recommend the use of powder coating on your bumper. Compared to the alternatives, it’s the best option to prepare your truck for almost anything. Dings, scratches, worn-off coating, rusted segments—none of these are problems you want to have to deal with because your bumper’s coating wasn’t good enough.

Save yourself the time and trouble later and have your bumper powder coated. Many of the top manufacturers of Aftermarket Bumpers including Fab Fours and Ranch Hand, rely on powder coating and standardize it as the finish option for most of their products.

If you ride your truck rough and love the feel of terrain beneath your tires, powder coating is the right choice.

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