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Ranch Hand Bumpers - Saving lives every day

Ranch Hand Bumpers - Saving lives every day

If you’ve ever looked into buying a bumper, you must have heard of the brand Ranch Hand, popular for the exceptional quality and style that they offer with their products. Today, we’re not here to bang on about their features and types of bumpers they offer, we actually want to focus on exactly why bumpers are so important and how Ranch Hand delivers what it promises. Bumpers can save lives, and this brand has collected stories from their customers proving every day, how much their bumpers have helped them get out of a tricky situation.


Protection from car to car collision


David tells the story of how his truck got out of a terrible collision against a driver that ran past a red light and left with no damage to himself or his vehicle. In another situation, Dustin survived getting hit head-on at 65mph by another car, all thanks to the solid front bumper with a brush guard that his truck had bolted-on.


Even Tim managed to have his life saved by Ranch Hand when a drunk driver pulled out and hit his truck head-on. The same happened to Marshall’s sons when their vehicle collided against another car.

Boltinghouse had a Ranch Hand bumper on his 2005 Dodge 3500 for 240,000 miles and saw how much his investment paid off when his wife t-boned a van that ran past the stop sign at 60mph. Thanks to the bumper, she survived the accident.


Safe from any unexpected accidents


Robert had the misfortune of seeing his F-250’s track bar snap as he was on a drive with his soon to be wife, leading the car to collide against a 3ft cypress tree at 55mph. The Ranch Hand bumper they installed took on the full force of the hit like a champ and the couple could go back home to their kid with only a few bumps and bruises.


John is also really thankful to Ranch Hand for saving his employee’s life when he drove into a 20-inch pine tree after passing out behind the wheel. The front bumper, once again, managed to take the hit instead of the truck itself and the driver.


When Brandon suddenly headed off the road in the pouring rain following a collision with a deer, he ended up in a ditch into a couple of trees. The bumper took the majority of the hit and meant that he could get out of it alive. 


Even in less dangerous situations, the Ranch Hand bumpers help protect your vehicle. Take Jordan’s story, for example, his 2013 RAM 2500 hit a deer at 74mph and, thanks to the A Legend front and rear bumpers, his truck’s front got out of it completely intact. Tim had a similar experience, hitting 2 deer at 72mph with little to no damage, and that wasn’t even the first time this same bumper got hit by deer.


These are just a few of the many people who survived terrible accidents all thanks to the solid built and extreme protection of the Ranch Hand bumper. Interested in getting one for your truck? You can always contact our expert customer service team to receive assistance on which Ranch Hand bumper would be best for your truck. Contact us either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


Source: RanchHand.com/blog

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1050 reviews
What powder coat??

I chose this bumper because it was a bolt on, with no cutting, and didn't interfere with the factory tow package. However, upon receiving the bumper, there was no way I could install it without first having it re-powder coated. The finish was awful! It came with an extremely rough, flat black coating that was far from what I expected. You could tell it was slid across the floor of the warehouse. All of the corners were down to bare metal and there were several scratches on it. I figured $350.00 to powder coat it was easier than expending the effort to send it back. If' I'd have known it had a lousy finish, I wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

Tough, good looking, and a head turner

Most people around here drive trucks with many upgrading their front bumper to this product. When you do both using this brand, you know you did the right thing by the looks and compliments you receive from complete strangers. Mine were painted to match the color of my F-350 and it looks OEM but custom as well.

Nice bumper.

Pretty easy install except instead of reusing the original bolts holding the original bumper, I used a sawzall and cut off the bolts and replaced with hardened bolts. Faster for me.

Five Stars

This bumper is even better built than it looks in the picture!

Beast of a bumper!

This bumper is awesome! I like the way it is built. The install was a little difficult for one person, but I got it done. I took the old one off, centered this one on a motorcycle jack and bolted away. A couple of hours later, it was done. I like the fact that the fog light attachments are solid steel and nothing flimsy. This is a quality piece and looks like it'd deliver some punishment, if hit.

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