Ranch Hand Bumpers: Supreme as Steel

Ranch Hand Bumpers: Supreme as Steel


Hailing from Shiner, Texas, a town with no shortage of accolades or famed products, Ranch Hand Bumpers is one such reason this small town of just over 2,000 has a place on the map. Known for its beer, belt buckles, lift gates, leather, and bumpers, Shiner is a town centered on the belief that all great things are made right here in America. And these bumpers are no different.

In a land where tradition is a way of life, these Texas Ranch Hand Bumpers are timeless additions to the trucks you’ve always loved.



Ranch Hand built their first grill guard in 1986 and has been producing quality aftermarket guards and bumpers ever since. Today, they have over 200 employees who handle more than 40,000 pounds of steel daily.

Safety has, and always will be, their main concern. By prioritizing safety over profit margins, they can use premium grade steel at less cost to the consumer, ensuring you are protected in the case of a collision or unexpected contact.

This is especially valuable in areas with higher populations of deer and other large animals. If you want an Accessory that has proven itself safe and durable time and time again, a Ranch Hand Bumper is for you. Among Ranch Hand owners who have been in an accident, many have stated that without their custom bumper, they may have been killed or injured during the ordeal.


Over the years, Ranch Hand has perfected their process and their product, giving you a way to know for a fact that you and your family have the ultimate protection against the unpredictable.

Ranch Hand Bumpers Manufacturing


How Do They Stack Up?

Specializing in truck, jeep, and SUV bumpers, Ranch Hand has earned its name as the #1 Heavy Duty Bumper manufacturer. Their state-of-the-art factory is maintained to be at the utmost level of cleanliness and their operations are organized in such a way that quality and efficiency come naturally. These are by far the sturdiest bumpers in the industry today.

While Ranch Hand bumpers are strong and dependable, not everyone is a fan of the classic style the company uses. The bumpers are also known for being heavier than others, as the premium grade steel Ranch Hand uses tends to weigh more.

However, when it comes to correct sizing, Ranch Hand is known for having accurate fits for their bumpers. It is unlikely a bumper will not fit correctly, as is sometimes the case with smaller manufacturers. 


Front Bumpers

Ranch Hand currently has four front bumpers in production:

  • Legend: These bumpers are designed to fit a ¾ ton truck or larger. The Legend model comes standard with a receiver and is comprised of diamond-plate steel and 4” schedule 40 pipe. This bumper is tougher than tough.
  • Sport: A Ranch Hand winch bumper that’s perfect for a ¾ ton truck. Sport bumpers are winch ready no matter what vehicle you’re looking to upgrade. They are made with diamond-plate steel and ¼” formed C-channel. A 2” receiver comes standard on all Sport model bumpers.
  • Horizon: The smooth steel model is great for ½ ton vehicles and made of 7-gauge metal, proving you don’t have to sacrifice stability to look sleek. If you have a jeep and are looking for a stylish Ranch Hand Winch bumper, you’re in luck. The Horizon won’t support winches for larger vehicles but is suited to allow for a winch attachment to a jeep.
  • Summit: These bumpers are well-suited for ½ ton or larger vehicles. They consist of diamond-plate, sure to withstand whatever weather and terrain you find yourself in. The Summit model is known for its weight and strength thanks to its diamond-plate structure.


Front Bumper Options

  • Grille Guards are available only on Legend, Sport, and Summit model bumpers.
  • Bullnose is standard on Legend, Sport, and Summit model bumpers; optional on Horizon.
  • Light Mounts are available on certain models of Legend, Spot, and Summit Bumpers.


Rear Bumpers

There are three models available:

  • Legend: These bumpers are designed with ¾ ton trucks and larger in mind. It consists of diamond-plate steel and 4” schedule 40 pipe. This rear bumper has the following options available: bolt-on receiver and LED lights.
  • Sport: Looking to fit a ½ ton truck or larger? Check out the Sport! It consists of diamond-plate steel and formed C-channel. This rear bumper has the following options available: built-in step and LED Lights.
  • Horizon: If the ½ ton truck in your life is begging for a new bumper, how about the Horizon? It consists of 7-gauge smooth steel. This rear bumper has the following options available: built-in steps with lighting and LED lights.

Ranch Hand Rear Bumpers


Shopping Tips

Ford fanatic? BumperOnly has the Ford Super Duty Bumper for you! Diehard Dodge devotee? We have Ram custom bumpers perfect for your ride. What if you’re crazy for Chevys? If you’ve come looking for top of the line Silverado HD Bumpers, pat yourself on the back.

Ranch Hand manufacturers the bestselling aftermarket bumpers for Ford Super Duty, Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 models, and Chevrolet’s Silverado HD.


Lead Time

Here at BumperOnly, we usually have most Ranch Hand bumpers on hand and ready to be delivered. But in cases where the bumper you’re looking for isn’t currently available, it may take four to five weeks to get it in stock.

If the Ranch Hand Summit front bumper or any other model has caught your eye, but you’re not sure if it will fit your truck, all you have to do is get in touch with us. One of our friendly and accommodating staff members will help make sure you pick the right model. Remove the hassle; put on a bumper!

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