Should you bother to get a Rear Bumper?

Should you bother to get a Rear Bumper?

You’ve seen us chat about the importance of a Front Bumper TONS of times, but what about rear bumpers? Some folks might think that you only need a bumper at the front to protect the engine and the beautiful badass exterior… but the back matters just as much!


Think of all those times you either backed into something or got really close to hitting something with the back of your truck. What a pain in the backside that is! It’s still another thing to repair, another expense, and even if it might not be as visible as the front, it’s still there. 


If you enjoy an off-road drive, then you might be familiar with trying to get out of a tight space without hitting any trees. That can be quite the challenge if you’re in the middle of a forest. Even when driving on the road, you never know when someone might be suddenly reversing towards the back of your truck.


The importance of a Rear Bumper


The solution? Mounting a heavy-duty rear bumper capable of protecting your truck in the event of anything hitting it. Our US-made badass bumpers are designed to be so tough, that they could back into a tree a few times and still come out untouched. 


But here’s the thing, when you get a Rear Bumper, you don’t just get extra protection. You add a touch of personal style to the overall appearance of your truck and you also get more freedom by adding superior quality lights to make backing up at night easier. Plus, if you ever need it, you can add some handy tow hooks as well.  


You know what? You’re lucky ‘cause our site makes it easy for you to find the perfect rear bumper for any type of truck at the best price in the market - for example, here are some of our best sellers:


Fab Fours Vengeance Rear Bumper


Get your Chevy Silverado 1500 ready for anything with this premium rear bumper, made with 11 gauge steel. Compatible with sensors, this bumper is designed to be lightweight, sleek-looking, and simply badass.


Steelcraft Fortis Rear Bumper


One of these and your Dodge Ram 1500 will never have to worry about backing into something ever again. This rear bumper is made of 6 gauge steel and designed as a one-piece fully welded, engineered for strength and durability.


ADD Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper


The sleek design of this rear bumper perfectly adapts to your Ford F150, and its steel plating just adds to the overall strength of your vehicle. It’s the perfect combo of durability and aggressive design which any driver aims to obtain.


Hammerhead Rear Bumper


Designed to handle anything that the off-road and road can throw at it, this rear bumper is a match made in heaven for your Toyota Tacoma. It’s made out of ¼” thick plate steel and reinforced for extra strength while staying lightweight.  


We have compiled a list of all of the best bumpers around for each truck in our Ultimate Bumper GuideNow that you have a better idea of why you should consider getting a rear bumper, get in touch with our customer service team to grab your favorite or get advice on which rear bumper is right for you either via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.


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