Texas: Where the Best Aftermarket Bumpers Are Made

Texas: Where the Best Aftermarket Bumpers Are Made


When it comes to Aftermarket Front Bumpers, there are as many options as there are trucks to put them on. From the large, full-coverage protection you may see on a Dodge Ram 1500 Front Bumper, to a sleek, low-profile Ford Raptor Bumper, there’s no shortage of the different styles available. With such a diverse selection, you may be surprised to know that many of them actually have one thing in common. 

Out of the many manufacturers, the ones that produce the most popular and highestquality bumpers come from Texas. Given the unique culture of the state, it’s no wonder why.


What Makes Texas Special 

Nicknamed the Lone Star State, Texas is the second largest state in the USA. In fact, it covers 268,820 square miles of land. With its size and unique geologic features, the state also boasts landscapes that highlight nature’s beauty in the region.

With all that land and nature at its disposal, it’s no surprise that Texas has the largest farms in the country. Here’s where the state is at the top once again. It’s a leader in the livestock industry with the production of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, wool, mohair and hay. 

When it comes to crops the state is no slouch either. It’s renowned as the top producer of cotton and a significant contributor of cereal crops and produce.

Texas isn’t just a leader in agriculture. In the world of business, 54 of the Fortune 500 companies can be found in the state as of 2015. If Texas was its own country it would be the 10th largest economy in the world. 

They weren’t kidding when they say everything is bigger in Texas.


Texas Truck Culture 

By now you might be thinking, “Those things are good to know but what does that have to do with bumpers?” Everything, in fact. Texas’ strong agriculture industry made the pickup truck the vehicle of choice. You can even say that most trucks today are made with Texas in mind. 

Trucks are so ingrained in Texas culture that automakers go out of their way to create special “Texas Edition” models.Pickup trucks are no longer just used as a workhorse either. They’re also the preferred vehicle for most Texans. 

With the popularity of trucks comes the need to make them better. As a state with a knack for business, it was only a matter of time before someone stepped in to help with that. This brings us to the rise of the Texas Aftermarket Bumper Manufacturers.


Only the Toughest From Texas 

American Built. Frontier Gear. N-Fab. Ranch Hand. Road Armor. Tough Country

Whether you’re looking for a Ford F150 Front Bumper, GMC Sierra Front Bumper, or any other heavy duty accessory, these are the companies that will keep popping up. And they’re all based in the Lone Star State.This is not the result of coincidence but of inevitability. 

Since they’re in a place where trucks are so common, manufacturers can’t help but make the best bumpers they can. After all, they get a first-hand look at how people use their trucks and what they need their bumpers to accomplish.


A Modern Cowboy’s Ride 

If you’re working on a ranch you definitely won’t be taking a sedan out to the fields. A car just isn’t built for it. You’ll need a vehicle that’s tough and able to navigate the rough terrain. For this purpose, a truck is the right tool for the job. 

There’s a reason Ranch Hand Front Bumpers are named as such. Trucks must be tough if it’s going to be used as for this kind of work.Because agriculture is such a big part of the economy, manufacturers designed these Heavy Duty Bumpers for the heavy duty work that needs to be done on a farm.


When Adventure Calls

But it’s not just all about work. Truck Bumpers are made so you can have some fun, too.

Texas has an abundance of nature that makes it ideal for taking a truck off-road. There are dry deserts, lush forests, rocky trails, muddy paths, and the occasional wildlife that jumps in the way. The place will test the limits of a truck and the skill of its driver. As you can imagine, any vehicle being subject to this kind of abuse needs the added protection of a Texas-ready bumper. 

For example, a Frontier Gear Bumper will not only let truck owners tackle the trails, it can also help them out of a pinch when they get more than they bargained for. 

With tough looks and even tougher performance, Texas bumpers are the standard by which all others are measured.Whether it’s an American Built Bumper for the off-road trail or a Tough Country Bumper for the demands of the ranch, you’ll find what you’re looking for at BumperOnly.


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