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The future of Ford F-150 is electric


Nowadays, it's impossible to keep up with the latest news from the Biggest Truck Brands without running into announcements of more EVs. Ford is the latest giant to pump even more cash into the development of new electric trucks, trying to become the leader of this new wave of vehicles. 


That’s why it doesn't come as a shock that they have recently announced a huge investment of $11.4 billion on an assembly plant intended to produce more F-Series trucks. But that is only the beginning… as Ford aspires to go further and create its own car batteries, a goal that's slowly coming together with their investment in the creation of three gigawatt factories, something that sees the guys at SK Innovation involved. 


In the 118 years of history of Ford, this is their biggest investment to date. No one can claim that this popular car manufacturer is sleeping on the potential of electric vehicles, and it's based on the premonition of how the future will probably see Ford's EVs as a favorite to drive electric.


The 2022 Lightning Ford F-150


But this investment doesn't come out of nothing, as it's a fair response to the excitement that customers have shown for their 2022 electric Lightning Ford F-150. It's not even out yet, and it's already achieved 150,000 pre-orders! This pickup truck is planned to be the fastest, most versatile, and best-to-drive F-150 you can get. This bad boy will have independent rear suspension and boasts an impressive 563 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque. In just one charge, it'll be able to drive up to 300 miles, and this is just the start. 


By 2030, Ford expects to see a third of its sales go towards electric trucks, something that motivated them to really focus on pumping out more and more electric trucks. This 2022 electric F-150 is the first in a series of EVs that will be produced in the assembly plant they have recently invested $5.6 billions in. 



Obviously, since batteries are so essential to the trucks, Ford wasted no time to start investing in producing batteries in-house. That's where the rest of the investment goes towards, alongside the creation of a lithium-ion battery recycler which will help Ford recycle and repurpose battery cells. To manage to fulfill their big plans for electric trucks, they intend to have six battery cells plants at work by 2030.


How do their efforts compare to other EVs manufacturers? 


VW is renowned as the bigger spender, shelling out nearly $30 billion on its electric vehicles since 2018 and aiming to go bigger with more investments and more battery plants in the next few years.

Tesla is also only getting bigger, since it was the first to create its own battery cell factory in the US. Will Ford manage to become a strong competitor for these two? Only time will tell but we're excited to see it play out. 


 Curious to see what Ford has in store for the future? In the meantime, make sure that your current truck is protected with the help of an Exceptional Bumper. Find the best one for your truck today by checking out our Ultimate Bumper Guide or contacting us via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124. 


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