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The Most Badass Military Truck


If you’re looking for inspiration for a style of badass truck that lets everybody know to steer clear as you dominate the road - you gotta check out how the US military is doing it. That kind of work requires trucks that fear nothing and are ready to face anything war might throw at them. Let’s have a look at one of the most badass military trucks around.

Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle


The Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) amazes with its ultimate combo of function and style. It won over the classic but aging HUMVEE and has been a favorite since 2016, accompanying our military forces in any moment of need. You can consider this the new face of the US Army, and what a cool looking face this is.


The Features

The lucky ones who get to drive this beast enjoy super ground clearance, with both front and rear suspension made exactly for 20-inches of wheel travel. Not only a beauty, this truck has also got the brains - its ride control system can adapt to any terrain, raising and lowering the vehicle as needed. Perfect, since you can ride it for up to 300 miles, and are bound to run into different paths.

The modern and innovative design did not forget about space and there is plenty of room inside it. Thanks to the engine staying forward, the crew cabin doesn’t get too tight.

Obviously, since it’s used by the military, this truck requires some extra levels of protection that you would normally not find in any commercial trucks. Our soldiers are kept safe with bulletproof glass, mine-resistant features, and armored doors. This bad boy, though, goes beyond the standard and adds some additional electronic protection and detection, and a top of the range onboard computer that has become essential for all military operations. Those are just two of the incredible extras that give all the support needed to our military forces.


Want to know another cool feature? When the time comes to conduct a silent watch, this tactical vehicle keeps itself powered without enemies being able to detect it. Its system allows it to absorb and deflect blast energy in case of emergencies.

When it comes to attacking features, the roof alone can host either a weapon station or even a gun turret for an attack. Since this is still a pickup truck, the rear offers plenty of space for a pickup box that soldiers can use to stock all of their gear and weapons into it.

Overall, it’s an incredible truck that does a great job assisting our troops and that also looks quite impressive. The design is aggressive yet modern and those wheels alone could smash through any road.


Add your own badass touch


You don’t need to throw your truck away and join the military to get a vehicle that’s anywhere near as badass as that one. Thankfully, there are thousands of Front Bumpers that can offer you the extra touch of badassery you want without even needing to change trucks. Your bad boy can easily be turned into a dominating super cool machine with the simple addition of the right bumper. If you interested in upgrading the boring OEM bumper, don't forget to chat with us and claim your Military Discount!

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