Three Reasons Why You Should Not Build Your Own Steel Bumper

steelcraft elevation front bumper


Want to build your own Steel Bumper? While it may sound great and seems that you'll save a ton of money, think again!


Why You Shouldn't Do It

Quality and Style

You might compromise the quality and style. You will not be satisfied with the result specially if you're not an experienced welder and fabricator. During fabrication, sometimes there are no fixes... or worse -- you permanently damage your truck in the process.

If you have to buy a couple of DIY Bumper kits, you've probably spent enough to buy an Aftermarket Bumper.

Time Consuming

If your time is valuable, rather than buying a couple of DIY bumper kits and spending dozen of hours in completing your project, might as well buy an aftermarket bumper.

Doing it yourself is a tedious work and sometimes you might end up dissatisfied with the result.

Safety and Protection

If assembled by a pro, we can guarantee that the bumper is safe and welded perfectly. On the other hand, most DIY steel bumper kits are also safe when properly assembled, but not all.

When your steel bumper collapses, it will result to extreme damage and may lead to accident. This will be a major problem and a risk to you and your family's safety and protection. You can also cause injury to others and lose more money for your repair costs.


Common Reasons You Want To Build Your Own Bumper

Money Saver

A DIY steel bumper kit is a money saver if you have the right equipment and welding knowledge and experience. Just buy your steel parts, make sure to follow the instructions - YouTube is a good source of information, and start making your own steel bumper.

Freedom To Design

You have the freedom to design and build your bumper base on your style and needs. Customizing  and adding features you wanted for your bumper is in your hands.


DIY Steel Bumpers vs Aftermarket Bumpers

If you care about quality and safety, an Aftermarket Bumper is the perfect choice for a truck owner. You should always consider reliability and quality no matter what the price may be. A DIY steel bumper kit might be a great deal, but think again! There's a lot of risk that you need to take and things to consider. You might end up wasting your time and money - EPIC FAIL.

When it comes to your truck and the choice of perfect bumpers, "Never Settle For Less".

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