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Top 5 Affordable Mods for your Ford Raptor


The Ford Raptor is an amazing truck not only for its high-strength military-grade build but also for how versatile it can be. Drivers who love to 'mod' get access to a world of possibilities when it comes to modding their Ford Raptor. Find out which ones are the best mods you can get for your truck without breaking the bank:

  ARB Onboard Twin Air Compressor

Driving into the unpredictable off-road is a whole other ball game from driving on the classic paved roads. This jewel of a mod is all about boosting your air compression so that you can easily air down & up when you head back to civilization. It gets your tires to top-form without requiring an air tank and it can even run your power tools. You can mount the air chuck to the bumper near the number plate.


  Pace Edwards Ultragroove Metal Tonneau Cover

You might have already thought about it or maybe you never considered it, but the right tonneau cover can make a world of difference. It secures on your truck so that you never have to worry about leaving the back of your truck uncovered, but also leaves you the freedom of only partially covering it. Ideal to carry bikes and ski racks, and some even claim that it improves fuel mileage in comparison to an open bed.



Anyone who enjoys blasting some music as they drive off will agree that something needs to be done to improve the sound system. It’s a simple treat that just makes listening to music while driving 10x better. Other Ford Raptor drivers would recommend a 2 JL Audio 10" subs under the rear seats, JL 5-channel class D amp, and Focal speakers all around to get the best of sound for your vehicle.


Window Tint

This might not be of much use if you’re living somewhere usually cold, but anyone who has to deal with hotter temperatures knows what a mistake it can be to not get your windows tinted. Say goodbye to mornings spent trying to cool off after you enter your incredibly hot truck by reducing the amount of sun exposure with tinted windows.


  Undercover Swing Case Bed Boxes

Give your toolbox, offroad Accessories, and anything else you always carry with you a proper home with a bed box. You’ll be amazed by how much room they offer, and enjoy them as a cooler when you get to the end of a trail. Here’s a little tip to avoid having your stuff move around when you drive: place a rubber mat at the bottom.


Looking to mod your Ford Raptor in a way that gets it ready to tackle dangerous desert races? We’ve got your back. Read this blog Here all about our Xtreme Rally Bumpers, designed for Ford Raptor & to specifically keep you safe as you drive into the desert.


Unsure about which mod to try or have any questions about bumpers? You can always get in touch with us via live chat or by calling us on 281-404-2124.




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